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Billy Bob's Final Epistle Before The Reunion






Right now the count is at 63 souls.  About half the group is arriving on Thursday.  I would guess about 1/2 are driving from Reno,  Upstate NY, Washington DC, South FL, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia.  The Hospitality Suite will be open Thursday by about 5:00 p.m.


We had a warm winter and then the temperature dropped.  Lowest temp of winter was in March.  So a few things have bloomed but we are behind schedule.  It may not meet up with my great expectations for a real flower show of Azaleas and Dogwoods.  Long range WX forecast is for cool and rainy to start out and warm and sunny to finish up.  Friday night we will have our event in the hotel and that's probably a good thing for a variety of reasons.  Thematically, let's just call it Chattaboogie Night.  You may want to come a little bit "Country".   For you Yankees, I have found there is very little difference in Unadilla, NY and Unadilla, GA.  So you should know what to do.   Doc Bakken is coming and will probably set up shop in the Hospitality Suite on Sat. a.m. to cure what ails ya.    Remember, Sat. night is dress up night at the Walden Club on the 22nd floor Chattanooga's tallest building. 


Thanks to everyone for getting in your money. 


On Thursday night, we have so many folks coming in, I blocked out some reservations for 7:30 p.m. (1930) at an excellent non-chain restaurant, 212 Market St.,  This is no host, individual checks dinner.  Send me (Billy Bob) an email ASAP and let me know if you would like to be included. Here's the address:


See you next week.  It's too late to diet so just come on.  BB 







 -- Contains a description of planned activities and important payment instructions.



February 22, 2013


To:                  VP-17 2013 Reunion Gang

From:              Bill Overend

Subject:          What’s Gonna  Happen April 12-14, 2013 and How Much It’s Gonna  Cost



For starters, we have great sign-up.  Right now we have between 60 and 65 folks who have made reservations at the hotel.  It looks like Chattanooga has turned out to be a good choice.  Based on the research I did, airline options looked pretty good.  Hotel costs and food costs were much better than I could do any place else albeit nothing is cheap these days. 


I was surprised how many of you are driving and how many of you have been to Chattanooga before. 


Chattanooga should be in its full spring glory when you get there.  It has been a very mild winter so I am expecting an early spring.  April the 15th is usually a good peak time for dogwoods and azaleas.  The fish come alive in the lake with warm daytime temperatures in the mid 70s and nights in the low 50s.  But it could be in the 80s.  Chattanooga averages about 4 inches per month of rain and April is no different than any other month.  I don’t think our group can have a bad day no matter what.

The Springhill Suites is a new hotel built right on the river.  Our hospitality suite is really a meeting room with lots of glass and views.  It opens onto a patio that has lots of nice seating and a big gas fire pit.  If the weather is nice, that is going to be the place to be. 



BBO LTR 2 PIC 1.jpg


I have not booked any daytime entertainment.  There are so many things to do in Chattanooga from art galleries, river boat rides, mountain gardens, bicycle rides, railroads, Civil War Sesquicentennial and the Tennessee Aquarium (highest ranked in guest satisfaction), that I decided to let the group figure that out.  I am going to check about getting a group or special rate at the aquarium for Saturday a.m.  I will put out sign-up sheets in the suite so folks can sign up. The hotel has plenty of brochures and in the internet age, you can find anything you want to do in Chattaboogie!   We are going to have plenty of vehicles to get around.  It is .4miles from the hotel to the aquarium.   For short trips to town the cab is $3.00/person.  I can’t start my car for that.  Here are a few interesting websites.



The Reunion is really Friday Dinner April 12th and Saturday Dinner April 13th and a hospitality suite from the evening of April 11th through the event. The cost is $150/person.



BBO LTR 2 PIC 2.jpg

The hospitality suite will be open late Thursday afternoon for those arriving early and close about 11 a.m. on Sunday morning.  It will be well stocked with bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, wine, beer and a limited liquor bar as we had in New Orleans.  I’m really havin’ to guess on how much adult beverage to purchase because per capita consumption is declining from our first reunion in Pensacola.  That’s probably a good thing.  We will have a supply of Chattanooga Whiskey for those who want to try some smooth brown liquor.




Dinner Friday night will be in the suite.  It will be a buffet dinner which features “local cuisine”.  I promise there will be no pig’s knuckles or collard greens although they would certainly fit the concept.  A lot of y’all are Yankees and I just didn’t want to hear about it.  I’m working on a little extra fun and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.  You can wear whatever you want.  Bib overalls would not be out of order.  You can stop by the Wal-Mart on the way to the hotel.  Let’s just say casual.

 BBO LTR 2 PIC 3.jpg








Dinner Saturday night is going to be at the Walden Club on top of Chattanooga’s tallest building (22 stories whoopee).  This will be a steak dinner and include wine.  This is dress up night.  I’d say jacket and tie for men and cocktail attire for the ladies.  The club has a no jeans policy and a jacket requirement.






ADMIN:  I have established a separate account for the reunion to help me keep the money straight but it is essentially in my name.  So, send checks for $150/person made out to:


William J. Overend

9690 Huntcliff Trace

Atlanta, GA 30350


Your check is your reservation for the event.  I have a pretty good idea of who is going to be there from responses to Gerry Spaulding (thanks to him for being COMMO).  However, I will be doing final adjustments to numbers for dinners based on checks in hand.   No ass draggin’ please.






              BBO note of 28 Feb



I am pleased to announce that the first check (received other than mine used to open up the reunion account)  was from Jon and Catherine Dresel.  They will receive a take home bottle of Chattanooga Whiskey.


As you can imagine, there is only one prize of this nature.  It's going down hill from here.  The last person to get their check to me may be prominently embarrassed. 





Anna and I are really looking forward to hosting this event in our home town. Thanks to Marta for pushing me to do it there.  We are fifth generation Chattanoogans.   Although we live in Atlanta, we have raised our children in the summers at our old cabin on the lake.  So Chattanooga is in our blood.  We will tell you our dirty little secret at the reunion!





(BBO's original announcement - 3 Jan 2013)




Patrol Squadron SEVENTEEN Reunion

Marriott Springhill Suites, Chattanooga, TN

April 12 – 13, 2013


I am pleased to announce that we are off and running for the reunion in Chattanooga this spring.  Though I couldn’t touch base with everyone, I did get some consensus from a few drivers of previous reunions.  Marta Heffner has bugged me incessantly since the last reunion about this next one.  Anything you don’t like about it, call Marta……just kidding. 


Why Chattanooga? When looking at various locations around the country and the logistics of getting there and getting around, and prices it dawned on me that Chattanooga was a good bet.  It is my home town and I know it very well even though I live in Atlanta.  In recent years it has been cited as one of the most livable cities with numerous recreational opportunities and a growing arts community.   It is also very cost effective.  You will be able to fly into Chattanooga and several folks will be able to drive.  Alternatively, you may find your best deal through the Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville or Birmingham airports and renting a car.  All are about a 2 hour drive from Chattanooga. 


Why this time of year?  Chattanooga should be at its peak spring bloom of azaleas, dogwoods, tulips, etc.  The average temperature is about 75 high and 50 Low.  Record is 93 high and 25 low.  It’s  not too hot for the Yankees or too cold for the sun worshippers.  There is an indoor pool at the hotel for those who want to show off their bods. CHAT PIC A


Marriott Springhill Suites is a brand new hotel on the Tennessee River.  In fact, Chattanooga is built on the river and in the last 25 years has really developed the river front area. The hotel is .4 miles from the heart of town and the Tennessee Aquarium, #1 ranked for guest satisfaction.  There is a Tennessee River walkway from the hotel about 8 miles to Chickamauga Dam which forms a lake above Chattanooga and prevents the flooding prevalent until 1939.  It looks like this:



One of the cool things about Chattanooga is an affinity for bicycles.  There are many shops around but also a unique rental operation.  At you can rent a bike all day for $6.00.  There are 30 stations concentrated around the down town area along with a pedestrian bridge. 


The rate per night at Springhill Suites is $119.  That includes a full breakfast.  They have been very accommodating.  We will have a room off of the patio area for our hospitality area.  The patio area overlooks the river with an outdoor fireplace, tables and umbrellas. 


There is so much to do in Chattanooga.  I don’t have it all planned.  We will have a casual event on Friday night, probably at an interesting art gallery owned by a friend of mine.  Saturday night will be a sit down dinner at one of the private clubs, probably over looking the river.   Everything will

 be close by. 




There are two ways to make reservations.  If you want a suite with king size bed, go to this link to make your reservation:

Click on the RED FIND and adjust dates and numbers of people as necessary.  This is for a river  view room no balcony. And continue on to make reservation.  If you want a balcony, call the hotel direct and arrange.  The price is $149/night. 


If you want a room with 2 Queen size beds then go to this link to make your reservation:

Click on RED FIND and adjust dates and numbers of people as necessary and continue on to make reservation.


If you want a river view room with balcony, call the hotel direct and arrange.  The price is $149/night. 


You need to do this right away and stake your claim with credit card.  The rooms will be held until March 15thThen you are on your own.  There is a 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Celebration (we call it the War of Northern Aggression) and several other things going on in Chattanooga. 


I would list some of the key things to do in Chattanooga, but the hotel website has a lot on Chattanooga. 


My family calls Chattanooga….Chattaboogie.  I suggest you consider coming early and/or staying late.  We have the room rate guarantee either side of the reunion. 


More to follow about hospitality suite and charge for dinners.  Let me know if you have any questions or preferences for some activities after you review this first epistle. 


Billy Bob

404-255-6999 home

404-556-6999 cell







Once again, Billy Bob has taken on the duties of Host (i.e., HMFIC) for the reunion. Ger Spaulding is again acting as Communications Central, which includes distributing notifications, updating our master contact list and counting noses of those who plan to attend. Counting noses is necessary so BBO knows how many folks to accommodate when arranging transportation, meals on Friday/Saturday evenings, etc.


For purposes of updating our master contact list and counting noses, we need your help too.


*        Updating the contact list. If you have not received BBO's 2013 Reunion announcement (above) by email, but are reading this, please contact Ger at with your new email address. While you're at it, kindly visit the Bios and Photos page of this web site, review your bio and contact info and provide updates as needed. If you've never submitted information for this page, there's an outline there of what you should submit.

*        Making sure your nose gets counted. As soon as possible send Ger an email to confirm that you will attend. Be sure to include the first name of your current spouse/reunion companion if applicable. Also, please keep us posted if your plans change.

*        Secure your hotel reservations following the instructions in BBO's letter.  Our rooms are blocked from Thursday 11 April until Sunday 13 April, but, obviously, you can adjust your own reservation dates as you desire.  


BZ Billy Bob and hope to see everyone in Chattaboogie!   Remember, we customarily hold our reunions every three years.


Ger Spaulding





Here's who has confirmed their attendance or reserved a room so far -- organized alphabetically by height, gender and shoe size.

This list is being updated immediately upon receipt of new information.


As of 04/14/13


Ketchums – Bill & Janice

Overends – Bill & Anna

OBriens – Bill & Robin

Buckinghams – Bill & Pam

Vincents – Bill & Jan

  OK, I do believe that’s all the danged Bills, dagnabbit!

Spauldings – Ger & Kar

Bakkens – Dave & Kathy

Meyers – Danny & Carol

McWhorters – Doug & Nonie..........Cx’d

Davidsons – Gary & Eva

Schragers – Jack & Barbara

Dresels – Jon & Cathy

Heffner – Marta Heffner & Kelly Hayden

Evans – Rex & Andy

Nicholson – Nick (“Radio”)

Barclay – Bob (“Bullet”)

Carters – John B & Susie

Mikusis – Frank & Debbie

Chengs – Benny & Maggie

Hackathorns – Denny & Stephanie

Mary Sikes

Mooneys – Jerry & Pat ……….Cx'd

Sally Dete

Byars - Mark

Learys – Guy & Vicki

Pendletons -  John D & Dr. Irene

McGroartys – Jim & Judy

Maleys – Pat & Kate

Whatleys – Jim & Pam..........Cx'd

Morrisons – Ted & Kris……..Cx'd

Rays – Daryl & Susi

Davis  -- Jim and De Medford

Blakleys – Jim & Stella  

Gandre -  George

Lanes – Larry & Leanne

Purdy – Don

McDaniels  -- Ken & Mary

Rabes – Lou & Kathy

Alford -- Ed













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We used to go to weddings,
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We used to have hangovers,
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Now we suffer body aches
And wile the night away.

We used to go out dining,
And couldn't get our fill.
Now we ask for doggie bags-
Come home and take a pill.

We used to often travel
To places near and far.
Now we get sore asses
From riding in the car.

We used to go to nightclubs
And drink a little booze.
Now we stay home at night
And watch the evening news -

That, my friend is how life is,
And now my tale is told.
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