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This page opened on June 26, 2015 and will be updated whenever new

 information about the 2016 reunion is available. Please check it frequently.


The basic details of this reunion were announced to our VP-17 Alumni

distribution list via email dated 6/25/15. If you are a member of the group or have

attended any of our previous reunions but did not receive this announcement,

that means we do not have your current email address. Click on the link below to update:








Announcement #1 - June 25, 2015


Patrol Squadron SEVENTEEN Reunion

Marriott Springhill Suites, Chattanooga, TN


 New Dates - April 29-30, 2016

(Original dates were May 12-15)


I am pleased to announce that the next reunion will again be in Chattanooga.  Though I couldnít touch base with everyone, I did get some consensus from a few drivers of previous reunions.  The Skipper highly suggested I make it easy on myself.  And so I did!  He will be there to confirm that!


Why back in Chattanooga? The value equation and logistics for Chattanooga is still great.  Many will drive in as in 2013.  With the merger of AA and USAir, there are more flights into Chattanooga.  Delta has increased their service.  Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta are 2 hours away or less.   


This is a great time of year.  Hopefully, there will be minimal conflicts for you to attend.  It does not conflict with Easter or Mothers Day.  Most of us and our significant others have retired.  I know one amongst us whose wife is still teaching.  I have suggested that she have a ďsinking spellĒ and use up some sick leave. 


Marriott Springhill Suites is still the only hotel on the Tennessee River.  It is kept in good shape.  About the only change is the River Walk now extends to the hotel.

One of the cool things about Chattanooga is an affinity for bicycles. 


The rate per night at Springhill Suites is $124 plus 17.5% taxes.  That includes a full breakfast.  They continue to be very accommodating.  We will have the same room off of the patio area for our hospitality area.  The patio area overlooks the river with an outdoor fireplace, tables and umbrellas.  It should be a little warmer as we are having it a month later than 2013.  But for Yankees, it should still be comfortable.




I donít have anything planned yet  We will have a casual event on Friday night, Saturday night will be a dress up,  sit down dinner.  The hospitality suite will be open on Thursday night.  I am trying to figure out a way to simplify the suite logistics.  Thatís the biggest piece of work for me.  And guess what, Iím getting old and lazy. 


I recommend you make reservations by phone and refer to Patrol Squadron Seventeen and the dates.  The phone number is 423-834-9300.  I also recommend you make reservations sooner than later and stake your claim with credit card.  The rooms will be held until April 1, 2016 (new date).  Then you are on your own.  I did not get into the issue of river view rooms and balconies.  There are very few of them.  Negotiate you best deal.  I donít believe anyone opted for them in 2013. 


In early 2016 I will send out an epistle on charges for the reunion Ö.hospitality and  dinners.  Let me know if you have any questions or preferences for some activities.  I hope this will be the biggest and best ever.   


Billy Bob

404-255-6999 home

404-556-6999 cell




Announcement #2 - June 26, 2015



Whiskey Dog and Suzie Ray are the first to make hotel reservations.  They will be awarded a bottle of Chattanooga Whiskey.

Come to think of it, they might have won last time.  Daryl is already plotting his route to Chattaboogie.


*For the record, in 2013, Jon and Kathy Dresel won a bottle of Chattanooga Whiskey for being

first to send in their check to BBO. No record of who was first that year to reserve a room.




Announcement #3 - Aug 24, 2015


Dear VP-17 Reunion friends:


I changed the reunion date for personal reasons.  Anna and I are invited to the wedding of a very close family friend.  Those kind of friends with whom we have done many things together from vacations, weddings, funerals, etc.  ​We would be conspicuous by our absence.  I really wanted to blame this change on Marta Heffner.  If you are so inclined, think of a reason it's her fault and send her an email.  I'm sure she'll find a reason to get on my case!

In any event, the reunion activities are centered on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th.  Many of you come in early.  The hotel block is good from Thursday, April 28th until Monday, May 1.  If you want to expand on those dates, I'm certain it can be negotiated.  I'll have hospitality open on Thursday afternoon April 28th. 

The hotel is changing over your reservations to the new date.  I wouldn't hurt to just verify that your reservations or make your reservations now.  The phone number is (423) 834-9300.  Janice Mostettler is our contact.   

Frankly, I haven't worked out any of the other details for the event.  We'll have some casual fun dinner on Friday night and a dress up dinner on Sat. night....probably with a view.  Thursday, folks usually just get together for dinner, and I'll block out some reservations at a couple of good restaurants.  Chattanooga is growing in a positive way.  We have the terrible incidents of 4 marines and 1 sailor being gunned down by some jihad nutcase.  The good news is that it has really pulled all of the people of Chattanooga together.  Symbols of patriotism abound.  It seems like half the cars have stickers on them that say 'NOOGA STRONG.

Anna and I had dinner last night with the Maley's in Denver.  Friday night we were with Ketch in Memphis.  VP-17 years produced lasting friendships. 

Best to all,

Billy Bob



Announcement #4 - 3 Jan, 2016

Intended Activities

Additional details to follow when available.

Thursday 28 April - Earlybirds gather in the Hotel's Hospitality Suite. Dinner wherever you desire.

Friday 29 April - Casual dinner "down by the riverside" on the hotel patio, wx permitting. Otherwise, inside.

Sat 30 April - Coat and tie dinner at the Chattanooga Golf & Country Club. Shank you very much. 

Stay tuned.


Announcement #5,  8 Mar, 2016

Latest BBO-gram: URGENT


and print out the pdf


Announcement #6, 25 Apr, 2016




Need a ride between the Chattanooga Airport (CHA) or other locations and the Springhill Suites Hotel?

Follow this link to check out our self-help Arrange-a-ride page.






Who's coming



AS OF APR 25, 2016


## = Not yet reconfirmed after date change

*** = Signed up/reconfirmed after date change

T = Tentative Yes


   Bill Ketchum - CO, VP-17 1972-74 ***

   Bill & Anna Overend ***

   Ger Spaulding ***

Sally Dete ***

Pat & Kate Maley ***

Ken McDaniel ##

   Nick Nicholson ***

   Ken & Emily Crandall ***

   Daryl & Susi Ray ***

   Ben & Maggie Cheng ***

Rick & Carol Munro - CO, VP-17 1980-81 ***

   Guy & Vicki Leary ***

Marta Heffner & Kelly Hayden ***

   Jack & Barbara Schrager ***

   Jon & Kathy Dresel ***

   Doc & Kathy Bakken ***

Bill & Robin O'Brien ***

Doug & Nonie McWhorter ***

      Bob & Anna Barclay ***

Mark & Pam Byars ***

Larry & Leanne Lane *** 

John & Irene Pendleton ***

Jim McGroarty ***

Glenn & Madonna MacDonald ***

Jim Carlson & Bridget Zolman ***

Jim & Pam Whatley ***

Mike Bangert - T

  Don Purdy - T

Note from Don: I hope to be able to make it to Chattanooga, but you'll have to list me as  "tentative" for now; got three commitments to work around. I have 'semi-retired' at NASA Ames, going down to two - three days a week as the resident operational curmudgeon in a hoard of theoretical "Human - Machine Integration" wonks. The extra time off has allowed me to spend more time 'dabbling' with art. I've enclosed a couple of VP works* that I just finished.

Hope to see y'all in the spring, Don.  *See samples of Don's fine work on our home page in the "New Stuff" section here.





Bill & Jan Vincent

Kar Spaulding

Mary Sikes

Judy McGroarty

Kishie Bushnell

Bob & Nita Rohr

Gary & Eva Davidson

Phil & Ann Hansen

Bill & Pam Buckingham

John & Susie Carter

Dick & Karen Blake

Denny & Stephanie Hackathorn

John & Doris Hemmer

Paul & Karen Sanger

"We'll be halfway between Vancouver & Honolulu. Have fun!"

Joe & Arlene Rasfeld*

*In lieu of their attendance, the Rasfelds submitted a

current photo and a note to all, immediately below:


Dear Shipmates,


   We have discussed the squadron reunion in April. It was not in my best interest to bring it up.

   So in lieu of that, I send a fond hello to you all and hope your legs carry you beyond your front door.

   The offer still stands. If any of you visit the west coast of Florida, call me. I have a couple of beds for RONs and some cold beer.

   My congrats to the newest newlyweds and to Barclay. It's hard to see why at our age we need a piece of paper -- unless it's a will!

   It's hard to believe that Arlene has had three brain operations. She moves better than me. We've been married 55 years, and we thank God that he will continue to look kindly on us all.


80 knots!

Joe Rasfeld

(941) 925-3849





Paul Stanic

Ed Goodman

George Gandre

Jim Zimmerman

Rex Evans

Lou Rabe

Bill Tuck

Jim Fields

Mike Gebhart



Time to get off your Lazy Boy and make a reservation!


For Hotel reservations, call the Marriott Chattaboogie Springhill Suites at (423) 834-9300;

To get on the above attendance list or to update your email address, send Ger an email at





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