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From time to time, the members of Mile High Flight 18 may wish to invite a distinguished individual from the local community to associate with the Flight on a regular basis when it is determined that such a relationship would be mutually beneficial to both the Flight and the individual. The policies and procedures for establishing, and for discontinuing, such special relationships are contained herein.      


Such relationships are sanctioned under the “Friends of the Flight” program by The Order of Daedalians Flight Manual, which stipulates that individuals with whom flights choose to so affiliate may not be designated as “members.”  Within Flight 18, the term “Associate” shall be considered analogous to the term “Friend of the Flight” as used in the Flight Manual. Accordingly, Flight 18 Associates are distinguished individuals not eligible for membership who are invited to associate with the Flight as special guests.


While Associates are not members of either The Order of Daedalians or of any flight, there is a loose parallel between the concepts of Honorary Members of the national organization and Associates at the flight level. That parallel exists primarily in two areas: the notion of exclusivity (National imposes strict limits on the number of Honorary Members it allows – no more than 15 Honorary Members in an organization of some 16,000 members) and a formal selection process.


What are the criteria for selection as an Associate?


Individuals who have made notable contributions in their field of endeavor and whose efforts are involved with or related to aviation in general and military aviation in particular, and who support the tenets and objectives of the Order may be considered for association. In general, personal friendship with a flight member is not a qualifying criterion for membership absent the other attributes noted above.


What is the nomination process?


Any member of Mile High Flight 18 in good standing may nominate an individual for association. The member nominating a person to become an Associate will be responsible for the preparation of a package which shall include biographical data, a photograph and the rationale as to why the nominee should be made an Associate. The package shall also include a statement by the nominee indicating understanding of the requirements of association and agreement to accept if elected. These requirements are established to preclude frivolous and unfounded association. It is only through this formal process that a candidate may be considered for association. The process places a degree of responsibility on the member who nominates an individual to become an Associate as well as on the nominee. A member of Flight 18 who wishes to nominate an individual for association should contact either the Flight Captain or the Adjutant. The member will be provided a copy of these Policies and Procedures along with a Flight 18 Associate Nomination Form, and given a nominal suspense of one month for submission of the nominating package.


How are nominations approved?


Upon receipt of a nomination package by the staff, the nomination shall be reported in the next scheduled Flight 18 newsletter. The published announcement shall indicate the date on which the matter is to be addressed by the staff and invite submission prior to that date of comments from the membership. The Flight Captain or Adjutant will present the candidate’s nomination package along with member comments to the Flight 18 staff in executive session, during which any Flight member who wishes may appear to address the staff regarding the candidate’s qualifications. After appropriate discussion, the Flight Captain will call for a vote. A nominee who receives favorable votes of at least 80 percent of the elected members of the flight staff will be invited to become an Associate.


What does the Associate gain?


Those elected to be Associates know that their efforts and achievements are being recognized by Mile High Flight 18, a bona fide chapter of The Order of Daedalians, America’s premier fraternal organization of military pilots. Associates will receive invitations to general membership meetings and special activities and may attend National Conventions as guests of attending Flight members.


What is expected of Associates?


Associates are expected to support and further the Tenets and Objectives of the Order and the Flight and to be active participants in flight functions.  Failure to meet these expectations may be cause for loss of association and candidates will be made aware of this provision.


What is the maximum number of Flight 18 Associates?


The maximum number of Flight 18 Associates is three. Once this maximum number is reached, then a vacancy in the Associates ranks must occur before any additional person may be considered to become an Associate.


Do Associates pay dues?


Associates are not members and, therefore, do not pay annual flight dues. Nor do they pay dues to National.


May Associates wear the Daedalian jacket, crest, tie, and name tag?


Only flight members may wear the Daedalian blazer, crest and tie. Associates may wear Flight 18 nametags clearly identifying them as Associates.


May Associates bring guests to flight activities?


Associates are not entitled to bring guests unless the attendance of such guests at a particular function is approved in advance by the Flight Captain. Associates are responsible for making advance reservations for themselves and their approved guests. Associates are also responsible for payment of any charges specified for the activity for each reservation made.




Association may be terminated when, in the staff’s judgment, continued association is not warranted or is not in the best interests of The Order of Daedalians or Mile High Flight. Any member in good standing may propose to the Flight Captain that an Associate be disassociated from the Flight. The Flight Captain will then raise the issue in executive session with the remainder of the staff. The member proposing disassociation will be invited to address the issue either in person or by letter. If possible, the member who originally nominated the Associate will also be invited, either in person or by letter, to defend the individual’s continued association. The elected members of the Flight 18 Staff will then vote on the matter in executive session. At least 80 percent of the elected members of the flight staff must vote in favor of disassociation in order for association to be terminated. An individual who is disassociated from the Flight will be so notified by letter from the Flight Captain.


Associate Emeritus status.


Circumstances may arise wherein an Associate finds it impractical to continue his active participation with Mile High Flight 18, yet remains deserving of recognition for his past contributions to the Flight or the community. In such cases, when formal disassociation is not otherwise warranted, the individual may be designated an “Associate Emeritus.” A change in status from Associate to Associate Emeritus may be accomplished by an 80 percent favorable vote of the elected members of the flight staff acting in executive session. An individual who is designated Associate Emeritus will be informed of the change in his status by letter from the Flight Captain. An Associate Emeritus is not counted against the Flight’s maximum of three Associates.     



It is emphasized that Associates are considered special guests of the Flight rather than qualified members and, therefore, do not have voting privileges. While they are encouraged to participate in flight activities, they will not be involved in the formal business of the Order of Daedalians or of Mile High Flight 18. They will not be noted in membership reports sent to National and will have no status relative to the national organization.



Approved 19 November 2004 by a majority vote of the members in good standing present at a regularly scheduled business meeting of Mile High Flight 18.







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