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Flight Schedule  

Meeting schedule and tentatively planned activities:

2014            Next event in red              


Date            Location                               Speaker/activity


17 Jan            Aurora Hills*                              Swearing in of Officers

                                                               Discussion of 2014 speaker/activity schedule

                                                                   Video "MIG FLIGHT IN MOSCOW"


21 Feb           Aurora Hills*                           Ed Quick on Morrie Quick


21 Mar           Aurora Hills*                    Roy Poole - The Falklands Most Daring Raid


04 Apr           Randolph AFB                            Annual Members' Meeting


18 Apr           Aurora Hills*               Encore from 1994: Bill Bower describes the Doolittle Raid


16 May         Aurora Hills*        Normandy Beach slide show (Tom Martin) + WWI Air Battle (Roy Poole)

20 Jun         Aurora Hills*                       Reed Sundine - his amazing Airman's Medal story              

18 Jul          Aurora Hills*         Flying movie mashup -- "Zero Hour" and its wacky remake "Airplane"              

15 Aug        WOR Museum       Museum updates - Greg Anderson; "Spitfire 944" (great American story) 

19 Sep         Aurora Hills*                Gordon Page - Spirit of Flight Center & Museum, Erie, CO                      

17 Oct         Aurora Hills*                           Virgin Galactic -- John C. "JC" Penney

21 Nov        Aurora Hills*                          Business Meeting/Election of officers      

?? Dec              TBA                                                  Christmas Party





2013            Next event in red              


Date            Location                               Speaker/activity


18 Jan            Aurora Hills*      Swearing in of Officers by oldest living Daedalian, John Thompson

                                                                         Induction of new members

                                                                 Discussion of 2013 speaker schedule

                                                                 Videos "FLYING WITH BOB HOOVER"


15 Feb          Aurora Hills*                      Ger Spaulding - "Dam Busters" 

                                                        (famous WWII bombing mission by the British)


15 Mar          Aurora Hills*             Bill Greener - Helo rescue of three B-52 crewmembers after

                                                     aircraft's inadvertent shoot down over New Mexico in 1961. (PPS)                               


19 Apr           Aurora Hills*          Injured former RAF pilot Capt Stewart McQuillan will talk about an organization

                                                       called "Return Flight" which helps wounded military pilots return to the cockpit (PPS)

17 May       Platte Valley A/P           Hosted by Andy Parks: History of Lowry AFB

21 Jun             Aurora Hills*                             Death of the Luftwaffe              

19 Jul              Aurora Hills*                    F-16, F-22, F-18 carrier ops videos            

16 Aug            WOR Museum          Lindberghs' 1931 NY to Shanghai flight redux - Todd Hunt

20 Sep             Aurora Hills*      COANG UPDATE - Sumo Dunstan, Wing Commander, 140th Wing, Buckley                    

2-6 Oct            San Diego                              NATIONAL CONVENTION

18 Oct             Aurora Hills*             Briefing by Daedalian National Commander, Lt Gen Nick Kehoe 

15 Nov           Aurora Hills*         Business Meeting/Election of officers + Secret Superpower Aircraft     

18 Dec            Aurora Hills*                                    Christmas Party









Date            Location                          Speaker/activity

20 Jan              Aurora Hills*                              Officer Elections              

17 Feb             Aurora Hills*                      Col Chris Plamp - RPA Update                

16 Mar             Aurora Hills*                    Jim Hanson - PBY Black Cat Raiders           

20 Apr              Aurora Hills*                     JC Penney - Racing the Rare Bear  

18 May           Platte Valley A/P               Hosted by the LaFayette Foundation

15 Jun             Aurora Hills*                    Newt Moy & Guest - WWII POW evac              

20 Jul              Aurora Hills*        Hal Ellis - Air Force pilot screening program in Pueblo             

17 Aug            WOR Museum                CEO Greg Anderson + Mel Eisaman

21 Sep             Aurora Hills*         War Stories - focus on Guadalcanal and the P-400 

25 Sep            San Antonio                (Flight Captain & Membership Meetings)

02 Oct             Aurora Hills*      Luncheon meeting + John Thompson's 100th Birthday Celebration - WIVES WELCOME

16 Nov           Aurora Hills*             Business Meeting/Election of officers; Chris Mock and Tom Cappelletti - MC-130H     

21 Dec          Gov's Mansion                            Christmas Reception







Date            Location                    Speaker/activity

21 Jan              Aurora Hills*        Phil Ecklund on glider flying; Installation of officers              

18 Feb             Aurora Hills*              Ger Spaulding - "Evading MAO" Power Point show                

18 Mar             Aurora Hills*                    Col Dick Toliver, Tuskegee Airman           

15 Apr              Aurora Hills*         Ed Bennett of Bennett's Bunker War Relics  

20 May           Platte Valley A/P         Hosted by the LaFayette Foundation

17 Jun             Aurora Hills*      Dick Truly, VADM, USN (Ret) - First Space Shuttle night landing              

15 Jul              Aurora Hills*                          Dan Bunts - F-22        

19 Aug            WOR Museum    Jim Doyle, WWII Navy enlisted pilot; Greg Anderson - WINGS Update

16 Sep             Aurora Hills*      (Cx) Col Chris Plamp, USAFA - Remotely Piloted Aircraft at war

21-25 Sep            DFW                     Flight Captains' Meeting/National Convention                       

21 Oct             Aurora Hills*                  Jack Braly - aircraft industry insights     

18 Nov           Aurora Hills*          Annual Business Meeting/Election of officers   

15 Dec            Aurora Hills*                            Christmas Party




* Aurora Hills Golf Course Tin Cup Bar & Grill

Enter from Peoria, just north of 6th

Normal agenda: Social hour 1100, noon lunch, speaker at 1300




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