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JAN 2016


Highlights:  Yumper Black relieves Roy Poole to begin his unprecedented fourth term as Flight Captain; Roy Poole takes over as new Editor of the newsletter; theme of Yumper's first Flight Captain's column of 2016 is, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"; announces that he will host two beer calls replete with movies this year at Yumper's Fighter Bar at his home - details forthcoming; passing of the late John Thompson's widow Betty at age 95; new membership page provides direct links to Daedalian National for on -line voting, paying dues, renewing memberships, etc.; how the 1983 movie War Games with Matthew Broderick came closer to reality than you realized; schedule of events through March for Distinguished Lecture Series at Wings; new epic film "Living in the Age of Airplanes", narrated by Harrison Ford, playing 29 Jan - 30 June at Denver's IMAX Theater in the Museum of Nature and Science; Final Flight Carl Williams.       



Previous Newsletters





NOV 2015


Highlights:  By popular demand, it's back to the Heritage House at the Eagle Bend Golf Course for our Christmas Party on SAT 12 DEC. Our guest speaker will be Bill Myers' grandson, Lt Col Dan "Freeze" Hingley, who has flown F-15s, F-22s and is now in IP in the F-35. Be sure to check out the Splendoramic Christmas tree displays; Flight Captain Roy Poole expresses his appreciation for being home for the holidays, but will not be able to volunteer for the Flight Captain position next year. Still a ways to go in his recovery from C-Diff; meanwhile, former Flight Captain Jumper Black has volunteered to hold down the fort while Roy completes his recovery. Pending their election on Nov 20, our Officer slate for 2016 is now complete; time to pay annual National and Flight dues (LMs and FLMs need not worry about it); Bob Warner battered by a big bale of hay, could have been killed; Honoring our luncheon reservations and our oath; Check out the fantastic artwork at the greatbigcanvas web site; Final Flights John Blackis, John France; Welcome Aboard John Cunningham, father and son Al and Rob Bielanski; Bill Ford and Donald "Donny O" O'Connor.   



AUG 2015



Highlights:  Reconvene with wives at Wings Over the Rockies on Fri 21 Aug - meet the new COO Mark Hyatt; Major Rob "Voodoo" Bielanski is Flight 18's Distinguished Pilot for 2015. His wife and father also eligible to join Daedalians; Flight members get to see the completed DPA display case at Buckley award ceremony following our July meeting at the Tin Cup; Flight Captain Snooker Poole thinks he's too young and too old at the same time (read his column on page 2); 2015 Christmas Party will again be at the Eagle Bend Heritage House, same place as last year. This year on Saturday 12 December, 1-4 pm; Update from Marc Arnold, son of our guest speaker last December, on his the progress his dad Fredric has made on his major WWII bronze sculpture (good news); Preserving the Star Spangled Banner; The Battle of Palmdale; Today's drones are a bit different; Sea Biscuits and Scuttlebutt; Final Flights Glen Funk and Bob Robertson; Welcome Aboard Bob Doran and Jerry D. "Bear" Owen. 



MAY 2015



Highlights:  Vintage Aero Flying Musuem on the move--Andy Parks will be our May guest speaker to explain it all; Flight Captain Snooker Poole describes near death experience due to C-DIFF; end of the Vietnam War plus 40 years--three cheers for our POWs; CSU AFROTC Cadet Tyler Moore receives Flight's only scholarship for 2015; Lucy Van Pelt's inspiration dies in Colorado Springs; Final Flights Bill Herron, George McCrillis, Bill Matheny and Harry Novinger; Welcome Aboard Buzz Allen, Cliff Lawson and Mike Silva. 



FEB 2015



Highlights:  Jack Wilhite's Final Flight -- his real final flight occurs only hours before his spiritual one. Jack's life, what a ride!; The 2015 Flight Schedule; Flight Captain's column -- the older I get the better a pilot I used to be, and let's go to Buckley in July; "The Boeing 707: the aircraft that changed the way we fly"; Christmas 2014 at Eagle Bend photos; Adjutant goes from Quick to Wise; What you do not want to see gazing out of your passenger window; First canned beer in America; Excellent tips for home security; Life is not a journey, but a ride (dedicated to Jack Wilhite); 2015 Flight Officer Roster; China's only aircraft carrier conducts operations with it's homemade fighter, the J-15 Flying Shark; Welcome Aboard Jeff Roy, Darrel Ankeny and Chris Bruce. 




NOV 2014


Highlights:  Christmas dinner party on Sunday afternoon 14 Dec in an all new, great looking venue - the Heritage House at Eagle Bend (map on page 5); Also on page 5 is your clip-and-mail payment coupon which must be received along with your payment of $30 per person no later than Tuesday 9 December; Super program planned, featuring WWII P-38 pilot, actor, sculptor, inventor and author Fredric Arnold as our after-dinner speaker; His bio and acting credits are on page 5; Flight Captain Roy Poole explains how we came to select the Heritage House and also seeks members' participation at our 21 Nov Business Meeting in putting together our speaker/program schedule for 2015.; CONGRATULATIONS TO MITCH NEFF, THE NEW COMMANDING OFFICER OF THE COANG'S 120TH FIGHER SQUADRON; How the Government's Stimulus program really worked; F-15 pilot killed in Aug crash in Virginia was known to Flight 18-helped John Thompson celebrate his 100th birthday; Comparison of Navy P-8 Poseidon and Boeing's proposed P-8 AGS for the USAF; How to make pumpkin pie, and how not to make general; Final Flights - Jerry Farrell, Dave Parvin, Chuck Girvan and Larry Wear.     





AUG 2014



Highlights:  Aug 15 meeting will be at Wings and will feature an update by Greg Anderson of activities at museum's Lowry and Centennial Airport facilities. Program will include the highly acclaimed video documentary "Spitfire 944"; Flight 18 begins 50th year of existence following its 49th anniversary on the 4th of July; Flight Captain Roy Poole encourages everyone to vote on National's proposal to streamline procedures for changing Daedalian bylaws; Roy also celebrates the arrival of his first grandson; Welcome Aboard Larry Wear and Walt Wise; Marine Corps Commandant to president: "Get in the Fight!"; Winds of Cold War II (has CWII already begun?); Flight 18 supports JROTC at 15 Denver area high schools by awarding Daedalian Achievement Medals; "A Flight Never to be Forgotten," a B-17 nail-biter by Newt Moy; LINK-UP ABOARD ALUMINUM OVERCAST -- Newt and the son of one of his B-17 squadron mates killed in WWII link up at Centennial Airport last June for a ride on "Aluminum Overcast"; Ed Quick retiring after 40 years, receiving Legion of Merit with Morrie on hand to witness the ceremony; Close-out sale on US Border Patrol ball caps - cheap!; how two Japanese "Green Cross" Betty bombers transported the surrender delegation to Okinawa on its way to meet with MacArthur in Manila prior to the formal surrender on board USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.     




MAY 2014


Highlights:  As W.C. Fields famously said, "I was in Philadelphia was closed."  You might find yourself saying the same thing about Platte Valley if you go there on 16 May this year expecting to find your Flight 18 brethren gathered for a BBQ. Fact is, the Vintage Aero Flying Museum is closed, at least temporarily, and our May 2014 visit to Platte Valley has been canceled. Instead, we'll be meeting in May at the Tin Cup Bar & Grill at Aurora Hills Golf Course. Lafayette Foundation CEO Andy Parks is in the process of moving some of the museum's artifacts and aircraft to the Pueblo Airport in time to represent WWI at the Pueblo Air Blitz, 13-15 June; The Foundation's traditional WWI-themed fly-in has also been canceled, however, a general aviation fly-in/drive-in/pancake breakfast/BBQ lunch, hosted by Marilyn Taylor, will take place on 31 May; Flight Captain's suggestion on how to recruit new members -- invite your eligible friends and neighbors to meetings; Flight awards $1K scholarships to two CSU ROTC cadets; Final Preflight Checklist Items - rifle volleys at military funerals now legal in Colorado (huh?) and cremation benefits; P-3 Orions in the news awhile ago and now; Senior pilot's lessons learned; The parents who drugged us; Final Flights - Lee Ohrt, Wyley Eaton and Al Mann; Welcome Aboard - Tony Mauer; Memberships pending - Larry Wear, Walt Wise.  




FEB 2014


Highlights:  John Thompson and Chuck Wahl remembered after taking their final flights; Flight officers elected in November take charge in Jan - led by Flight Captain Roy Poole; initial memo from new Flight Captain; belated Welcome Aboard for Roy "Snooker" Poole with anecdotal account of his flying career; map showing location of new VA National Cemetery set to open in 2015; John Thompson donates his body to science - information on the process and how to get started, for the benefit of anyone considering the same thing; cartoon strip for those who forward lots of emails; the Twin Mustang - history and photos.    








NOV 2013


Highlights:  2014 officers elected at our Nov business meeting: Flight  Captain - Roy Poole; Vice Flight Captain - Col Tim Conklin, COANG; Adjutant - Ed Quick; Treasurer - Spence Mamber; Provost Marshall for Life - Dale Boggie; Officers re-appointed for 2014 - Bill Greener, Scholarship Chairman; Ger Spaulding, Newsletter; Mitch Neff, COANG Liaison;  Details and mail in payment coupon for the Christmas Dinner party on 18 Dec at the Tin Cup; program to feature video of member Clint Murphy's wife Linda and daughter Tiffany getting rides in a Russian T-39  pilot trainer and Linda in a Mig-29 at the Russian Test Pilot School near Moscow; Farewell Memo from outgoing Flight Captain recounts Oct visit to Flight 18 by National Commander and acknowledges the Doolittle Raiders' final toast at Wright Patt; "The Payoff" - an airliner flying tale about a below-mins visual approach and landing at Denver Stapleton accomplished out of necessity by following familiar streets; "Some Things to Think About"; Woman fends off charging 12-foot alligator with .25-cal pistol; Final Flight - Bob Early; Navy's X-47B unmanned drone on carrier elevator; Welcome Aboards - Bud Sittig and Vice Flight Captain-elect Tim Conklin, Ops Group Commander at the 140th Wing at Buckley.   



AUG 2013


Highlights:  Charles and his pregnant wife Anne never completed their famous "North to the Orient" journey, but local pilot Todd Hunt hopes to do so in his replica Lockheed Sirius floatplane. Todd will tell us about it at our August luncheon at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum;  Order-wide email debate heats up over the issue of accepting non-pilots as Daedalian members; Daedalian National Commander Lt Gen Nick Kehoe will be Flight 18's special guest speaker in October following the National Convention in San Diego where the membership question is on the agenda; Col Floyd "Sumo" Dunstan, Commander of COANG's 140th Wing, rescheduled as guest speaker in Sept; the National Museum of WWII Aviation in Colorado Springs has acquired an old Link Trainer and is restoring it to full operational capability; first arrested landings aboard an aircraft carrier and first "bingo" by an X-47B drone off the Virginia coast; Final Flights - George Kandel and Jim Hanson; Welcome Aboard - Jim Adair.   



MAY 2013


Highlights:  Flight's first visit to Platte Valley since the crash of the Lafayette Foundation's Fokker DR-1ast August. We meet at PV at 1100 for catered BBQ and a talk about "The Luckiest Man Alive"; NON-PILOTS - should they be allowed to join The Order of Daedalians? Historic reunion of the oldest and second oldest living Daedalians after 71 years; "The Cloud" - Where's it all about, Alfie? Flight awards three $1000 ROTC scholarships, requests matching funds from National; Driving directions to Platte Valley; Catching up with Blondie, Sea-castration, the Nintendo Medal and Snoopy (the original); Final Flights - Tom Crawford and Art Kidder; Welcome Aboard - Slim Jim Morgan.   



FEB 2013


Highlights:  Aviation museum, whose official designation is "The National Museum of WWII Aviation", opens near Peterson AFB and COS Airport; New procedure for ordering Daedalian Blazers as Koat King Mike Daciek steps down muttering, "One small step for a Koat King, one giant leap for Kingdomkind"; Memo from Flight Captain lauds Christmas party at the Governor's Residence and the spectacular Grandview High School Choir; photos of the party and Governor's Mansion; Get ready for "Dam Busters" at our Feb luncheon by reading "Enigmatic Man"; 2013 FLIGHT AND NATIONAL DUES ARE DUE - SEE FLIGHT PAYMENT COUPON ON PAGE 3; Check out the cost of Flight Life Membership also on page 3; The incredible story of "Old Shakey"; 140th Wing aircraft and personnel return from three-month deployment to Africa; Chinese carrier aviation makes it to 1945; Things I'm discovering as I grow older; Timeless Churchill-isms; Close up, nose-on photo of a B-26 Marauder in flight; Welcome Aboard - Al Snook & Chris Mock. 







NOV 2012


Highlights:   Christmas at the Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion, 5-7:30 PM Friday, 21 Dec - details on Page 1; Election of Officers for 2013 complete bringing two new officers - Butch Rutt and Roy Poole - onto the staff; James Harvey III inducted into Colorado Aviation Historical Society Hall of Fame; PAYMENT COUPON FOR CHRISTMAS AT THE GOV'S MANSION ON PAGE 2; Flight and National Dues due by 1 Jan - COUPON FOR PAYMENT OF FLIGHT DUES ON PAGE 3; Guadalcanal Hero John Thompson turns 100, enjoys Flight's birthday tribute; Bill Zinser celebrates his 90th; 2012 ROTC Scholarship recipients get their $1,000 awards from Bill Greener; RIP Sue Rider; "The Silent Ranks" - poem about the military wife; Former WASP President and former member of Flight Lucile Doll Wise, age 92, flies again in a 1942 Stearman; Before and after photos of Mark Holliday and Platte Valley's Fokker Dr-1 Tri-plane following Mark's near fatal accident on 26 August which destroyed the aircraft plus update on Mark's recovery; Final Flight - Don Mobley; Welcome Aboard - Jerry Cornwell. 



AUG 2012


Highlights:   DATE CHANGE FOR OCTOBER MEETING -- TUESDAY the 2nd INSTEAD OF THE THIRD FRIDAY. The reason? To help John Thompson celebrate his 100th birthday. Wives welcome and encouraged to attend. Callers will pass details well prior to the meeting; Meanwhile, join up at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum on Friday, 17 August; speakers will be Greg Anderson and Mel Eisaman; (Scroll down on this page to the Nov 2003 Newsletter to read Mel Eisaman's "Flyin' Saucer" story; Clip and mail coupon for payment of delinquent Flight dues is on page 3; "Battle-of-Midway Gooneys" by Ger Spaulding to honor the 70th anniversary of the battle; Battle of Midway summary; Letter to the Ed from sculptor Michael Garman; Time for a Nursing Home? Historical perspective - 70 years ago in the Pacific: Doolittle Raid, Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal;  Final Flight - Ralph "Salty" Saltsman; Welcome Aboard - Rob Ritchie.



MAY 2012


Highlights:   Annual Platte Valley picnic coming up on 18 May - Bob Coolbaugh will talk about flying his replica 1911 Curtiss Pusher, the plane that made history's first shipboard takeoff in 1910 and first arrested shipboard landing in January 1911; Driving directions to Platte Valley; Apollo web application is coming soon, expected to improve communications within Flight and between Flight and National; Bill Zinser inducted into the Western Michigan University's College of Aviation Hall of Honor; No root cause found for F-22 oxygen problem - aircraft deploys to SW Asia anyway; USMC unveils its new F-35B at Eglin AFB; Bogus E-mails--ATM PINs, Pearl Harbor photos, "I'm Tired" article; IFS Pueblo - Gateway to USAF Aviation; E-Mail notices regarding the newsletter-are you receiving them? E-mail Warning about Nancy Pelosi; $1,000 scholarships awarded to two CSU ROTC cadets; "Another Go-around, aviation humor; Husband Day Care Center; Name Change for Occupy Wall Street; Enduring Truth from 420 B.C. about the rich vs the poor; Manned and unmanned aircraft of the near future; Final Flights - Joe Kerr and George "Dick" Baker.




FEB 2012


Highlights:  Spotlight shines on Tuskegee Airmen; "Red Tails" movie plus web site of Tuskegee Airman/Flight 18 member James Harvey tell the story; Flight Officers for 2012 are Ger Spaulding - Flight Captain/Newsletter Ed, Dave Parvin - Vice Flight Captain, Dave Kulaas - Adjutant, Tom Shaw - Treasurer, Dale Boggie - Provost Marshall, Bill Greener - Scholarship Chairman, Hugh Greenwood - Asst Treasurer; moments after being sworn in, new officers vote to change Flight's Flight Life Membership policy; now, in addition to LMs, Daedalians whose National dues are current can become FLMs -- but must be dropped if National dues allowed to go delinquent; what not to do if called about being AWOL for jury duty;  Hedy Lamarr's war contribution; marching coast to coast under PCS orders; Koat King Mike Daciek provides new price list for Daedalian blazers, renews assurance that the blazer will improve your sex life; Goodbye prayer; does Elway + Tebow = Elbow? guest cartoon - Free Range by Bill Whitehead; P-47 of 64th Fighter Squadron flies home 150 with deformed prop from ground strike during Milan mission; Welcome Aboard - David Markham and Jack Wolfe.    







NOV 2011


Highlights:  Election of 2012 officers delayed until January due to dearth of volunteers--PLEASE STEP UP; Christmas party on Thursday, December 15 at the Tin Cup --Good time assured, Y'all come. Mail-in reservations due by 7 Dec; Farewell, D.O. Neary after three years as Flight Captain; noise complaint draws reaction from wing commander; three from Flight 18 (Penney, Neary and Bertz) inducted into Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame; ATTENTION SPONSORS OF PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS--please use the locally prepared membership application form available on this web site. Do not use the form from National's web site; message to the "Occupy Wherever We Feel Like It" crowd; lyrics to "Throw a Nickel on the Grass"; photo of Scholarship Chairman Bill Greener with our 2011 Scholarship winner, Midshipman Kyle Treacy; Thomas Jefferson's personal laptop; "Recession Woes"; "Forward looking old custom"; WWII B-29 bombing and mining campaigns against Japan; Welcome Aboard Butch Rutt and J.C. Penney.


AUG 2011

Highlights: Naval aviation Centennial/early milestones; updated flight sked; From the Flight Captain; Member biography "form"; Flight Associate Mike Bertz and Flight Captain Don Neary to be inducted into Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame in October; Bill Bower interred at Arlington, his Daedalian blazer donated to the Lafayette Foundation at Platte Valley; payment coupon for 2011 Flight dues, which will increase from $12 to $15 a year on 1 Jan. FLM dues will go up correspondingly; details of 19 August luncheon at WINGS; Fighting Bad Guys with Remotely Piloted Aircraft-subject of September meeting. Guest speaker will be Col Chris Plamp of the AFA; If You Missed a Meeting Lately - in June, Dick Truly described making the first night landing in the Space Shuttle, while in July, Dan "Banzai" Bunts talked about flying the F-22 Raptor; Two late members of Flight 18 involved in the Doolittle Raid; Myth about Congressional retirements; Uncle Don Wants You (to volunteer to serve as a Flight Officer); Some say naval aviation too PC; Does this make my butt look big? Some days start better than others; At first, Superman couldn't fly; F-35 deliveries to Pax River and Eglin. 


MAY 2011

Highlights: Platte Valley beckons yet again. On course, on glide path-ETA 20 May at 10:00 AM for home-cooked BBQ, flying demo, museum tours and program by Andy Parks and Marilyn Taylor. Y'all come; "Fast Eddie" Rickenbacker's SPAD S. XIII; Bower goblet retired at Raider reunion in April. There'll be at least one more; Flight Captain encourages members to become Daedalian Life Members and Flight Life Members; DD-214 available on line; Order of Daedalians-be there at the creation; F-35 flight tests ahead of schedule; F-35 flip recovery a computer graphics fake; Wings takes first Oscar for best picture in 1929; Hoax email attacks snopes; Lafayette Foundation's documentary "Mission: Dawn Patrol" named Best Documentary at Myrtle Beach International Film Festival; Message to would-be performers of the National Anthem-do it right; Easter at Grandma's; List of paid up members of Flight 18; Flight 18 awards one ROTC scholarship in 2011; New Blood Pressure med better than Coumadin; Driving directions to Platte Valley; Air Force-Navy showdown at altitude; Don becomes a fixture at Rocky's Fighter Pilot Saloon; Huntin' and Fishin' with Earl-watch out for Earl; Constitution Trivia; Snoopy makes it a dogfight; Final Flights - Phil McMullen, Ace Avakian; Welcome Aboard - Spence Mamber.      


FEB 2011

Highlights: Four Final Flights since our Nov 2010 Newsletter, including Doolittle Raider Bill Bower, Tuskegee Airman Jim Harrison, Berlin Airlift pilot Jeff Warren and Vietnam vet Bob Resling; plans for retiring Bower's toasting goblet at final Doolittle Raider reunion in Omaha in April; Raider reunion anecdote; "Last Man on the Moon," a feature article by Dale Boggie about his old friend, astronaut Gene Cernan; annual Flight dues to increase from $12 to $15 effective 1 Jan 2012; photo and alarming Aussie assessment of the new Chinese stealth fighter, the J-20; photo of Colorado's Lao Hmong attending Bob Resling's funeral; when the weather outside looks just like the TV weatherman's chart; Welcome Aboard Charles "Clint" Murphy.   




NOV 2010

Highlights: New date for our 2010 Christmas Party -- now on 15 Dec rather than the original date of 16 Dec; Neary and all other officers will stay in place for 2011 following a thorough count of all absentee voice votes; Ft Morgan National Cemetery nearing capacity, but a new veterans cemetery has been approved for construction south of Colorado Springs; What do Muslims believe?--a brief introduction to the Koran; Jim Harrison ailing with COPD and cancer of both kidneys; STOWAWAY -- a true short story by Mel Eisaman; things you DO NOT want to hear from your TSA screener; May veterans salute Old Glory?; clip-and-mail payment coupons for the Christmas Party and for 2011 dues; Final Flights George Vierno, Lew Radeff and Leonard Horner.    


AUG 2010

Highlights: Muster to be called 20 Aug at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum; Old fashioned Friday Happy Hour Tribute to Robin Olds, also at Wings on 20 Aug; Flight Captain Don Neary "infiltrates" Wright Flyer display in San Antonio; "How the Pilot's Checklist Came About," article by John Schamel, FAA; Flight member/Texas resident George Moore returns to Colorado to win medals and set records at Greeley's Rocky Mountain Senior Games; "Miller Time" tribute to Carl Miller, who got 'er done as Commander of the 8th TFW, Ubon, in May and June of 1972; "I Used to be an Air Force General" by G.H. Spaulding, CAPT, USN (Ret); EXTINCTION--Worst Senior Moment; Final Flights Bob Swanson, Mel Wilkey and Bill Cole; Welcome Aboard Mike Edwards, The Adjutant General of Colorado. 

MAY 2010

Highlights: Happy Day is here again -- Platte Valley here we come; Three Fokkers from Platte Valley conduct cross country to Daton for Dawn Patrol Rendezvous--full length documentary film to follow; Flight makes surprise call to Bill Bower at home where he's grounded during Raider reunion; 1st Lt Bill Bower's 1942 Mission Report to BG Doolittle; gay politician models new "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" uniform; Flight awards three $1,000 scholarships to ROTC students; Administration honors predecessor by renaming San Andreas Fault--now Bush's Fault; All about Pan Am's infamous Pacific Clipper and "The Long Way Home"; Final Flight Bob Burris; Welcome Aboard Fred Buhl, Josh Burger, James Edwards, Ed Quick.   

FEB 2010

Highlights: New officer team takes charge; 2010 Flight Sked nearly complete; "All hands shaken, stirred by Cairo quake"; Flight Captain sets goals for 2010; Koat King Mike Daciek says, "Call me. I promise to improve your sex life!"; Bogus E-Mails -- who didn't say what?; How to recognize Swine Flu symptoms (if you look like James Carville you may have it); time to pay those 2010 Flight dues. Consider Life Membership; "Shooter's Odds" (lone F-86F takes on 16 MIG-15s down on the deck over South Korea during the "Forgotten War"; Final Flight Gen PK Carlton; Welcome Aboard Gerald "Bozie" Bozarth.  



NOV 2009

Highlights: Christmas party is on Dec 10 - Reservations due NLT Dec 4; Find a Clip-and-mail reservation/payment coupon on page 2 right below the Flight Captain's column; Neary wins close election to serve another year as Flight Captain; Mitch Neff will be Adjutant, Tom Shaw will be Treasurer in 2010; Mixed results on fixing T&O - Spaulding letter to the Editor of the Daedalus Flyer on this issue; UAV Random Thoughts; "Pilots ? Pilots? We don't need no stinkin' pilots!"-- a UAV Recap; Final Flights: John Shinn, Dave Trexler and Bob Blair; Welcome Aboards: Ross Wilhite, Bill Roberts and Wyley Eaton.


AUG 2009

Highlights:  Revised 2009 Flight Schedule; National Board of Directors reviews Tenets & Objectives after Flight 18 raises ruckus; Next meeting 21 Aug at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum;  Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles key questions; "Burial at Sea", sobering article by a former Marine CACO;  "Lubbock spy plane pioneer was backup for downed U-2 pilot" - article about Flight member John Shinn, who was the backup pilot for Francis Gary Powers's fateful flight and is now battling Lukemia; the seldom seen other side of Mt. Rushmore;  Hawaii locates Obama's offishal Birth Certificat; Newest USAF surveillance aircraft the MC-12; Welcome Aboard Bill Neuens and Bill Orton.       



MAY 2009

Highlights:  Fly toys and Flyboys at Platte Valley 15 May; RESERVATIONS REQUIRED ASAP; Flight asks National Board of Directors to restore the Order's traditional Tenets & Objectives (with two exceptions); reminder to members to ensure Flight has current bio on file; Navy Seals Arriving/Bravo Zulu; donated Hoover book Forever Flying is AWOL; on Flight's behalf, Bill Greener awards $1,000 to one CU ROTC and one CU NROTC student; Bill Bower skips Doolittle Raiders' 67th reunion in South Carolina; Jack Wilhite skip Rockies Fantasy Camp; Deputy Sheriff Wilhite "collars" Monroe Mathias for "conspicuously suspicious" behavior; P-8A completes maiden flight; long-awaited Distinguished Pilot Award display case finished and delivered to COANG ops facility at Buckley; latest DPA selectee to receive award after squadron returns from Iraq; Bogus Email - the "incredible" Andy Cowan; Final Flight Terry Johnson; Welcome Aboard Newt Moy, Jim Hanson and Ace Avakian.         


FEB 2009

Highlights:  Don Neary assumes position and sets tone for upcoming year; new Flight Captain, Vice represent COANG past and present; tentative speaker schedule; Thompson thrilled over Honor Flight; Remembering Bill Myers' sweetheart; Mail-in coupon for 2009 Flight dues; Autographed copy of Bob Hoover's bio, Forever Flying, up for auction -- mail-in bids, min $50; Bogus Emails - IRS says it does not initiate contact with taxpayers via e-mail; The Chance Vought F4U-4 -- the best American fighter of WWII, according to Japanese pilots. Sketchy report received about Terry Johnson's Final Flight; Welcome Aboard Dave Parvin, sculptor extraordinaire.



NOV 2008

Highlights:  Don Neary to take over as Flight Captain in 2009; Christmas party will be Thursday 11 Dec at the Tin Cup (clip-and-mail reservation coupon on page 2); Tom Martin's farewell column; Thompson praises sponsored vets' trip to DC, WWII Memorial; "Bridges at Toko-ri, The Real Story"; Bill Bower helps re-activate bomber group he commanded in  WWII -- coming back for space duty; see page 6 for clip-and-mail 2009 Flight Dues coupon; article "Off we go  Here we stay" about rapidly growing UAV pilot community; Joe Forster flies his damaged P-38 900 miles back to Pacific base on one engine; Final Flights - Dan Tauriello, Vic Buettell, Lynn Tate; Bill Axton and Rex Cox; Welcome Aboard Brian Patterson and Phil Ecklund.   



AUG 2008

Highlights:  August meeting will be at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum; "Aim high, run fast!"; Greatest Generations Foundations sponsors trips for veterans; "The Last Checkride"; "Eject! Eject! Eject!" - Bob Mock describes getting shot down over enemy territory in his RF-4C during the Vietnam War (article by Mike Daciek); "CHANGE: Hold your nose, it's in the air;" Mark Johnson is newest Flight Associate; Newest Flight Associate Mark Johnson loses his deHavilland Venom when engine quits near Platte Valley; Final Flights - Former Flight Captain Bob Mock, Bob "Bentley" Snider; Welcome Aboard - Stan Folker.   



MAY 2008

Highlights:  Platte Valley gathering on 16 May to feature roast pig and debut of Fokker D.VIII; Mark Johnson nominated for last Flight Associate slot - officers will vote on 20 June; Dave Trexler moves to N. Carolina, but first becomes a Life Member of Flight; Guest op-ed by Amir Taheri "The Iraq they won't talk about"; Bower attends Doolittle Raider 66th Anniversary Reunion in Dallas, but says he won't make the upcoming Raider Homecoming/Training Re-enactment at Eglin because 'flying commercial is too hard!' Dale Boggie to press for return of traditional Tenants and Objectives at this year's National Convention; Scholarships go to three ROTC cadets; Jack Wilhite completes 10th and possibly last Rockies Fantasy Camp; F-15 in-flight breakup; New fallback procedure for making meeting reservations; in rare appearance, the late Lowell Thomas will be guest speaker for 20 June luncheon; Bogus Email - "Jay Leno hits nail on the head;" F-117 Nighthawk retirement; Final Flights - John Foster and "Bud" Breckner.




FEB 2008

Highlights:  COANG 140th Wingers home from Iraq; Letter to Flight from 2006 ROTC Scholarship recipient; Flight Captain letter-need to recruit more members; Photos of 2007 Christmas Party; Mail-in coupon for 2008 Flight dues; Match aircraft photo to article; Next president may face Cold War II; War Story-"Night Flight Blues"; Wisdom of old Chief Two Eagles; Too many foreigners?; Questions that haunt me; 20 Golden Rules of the Joint Staff; Toilet Ordnance Humor; Final Flights - Dave Sneary & Ed Lange.





NOV 2007

Highlights:  Current officer staff re-elected; Christmas party to feature music by The Osburns; "9/11 Post Script" by Ed Cutler; "The Pilot's Bond" by Daedalian Barry Goldwater; Daedalian blazer cost increase; No additional F-22s or C-17s in 2009; "Ten-foot Midgets" short story by Ger Spaulding; "Jeremiah Weed" - the tradition explained; 2007 Treasurer's Report; Bogus E-Mails: Is it a good idea to send a Christmas card to "A Recovering American Soldier" c/o Walter Reed? Meet Miss America; U-2 Trivia; USAF relying on Russian AN-124s to ship critical materials to Iraq; Welcome Aboard - John Walters.   



AUG 2007

Highlights:  John Thompson promotion ceremony, 58 years late; Flight Captain invites volunteers to serve as Flight Officers next year; Air Force discontinues use of base decals; too many members delinquent in Flight dues; Interim FLM funds report from Flight Treasurer;  New Airman's Creed, Naval Aviator's Code, great poem entitled "The Reunion;" Missing Man--Robin Olds; Final Flights Ben Colkitt, Ted Kuhlman, BG Williams; Welcome Aboard Warren Weikle and Al Sundine.  



MAY 2007

Highlights:  John Thompson's promotion to colonel will be 58 years late; Platte Valley preview; preview of and directions to 22 June BBQ picnic in Littleton; scholarships awarded to two CU ROTC students;  new prices for Daedalian blazers and crests; Bill Bower attends Doolittle Raiders' 65th anniversary reunion in San Antonio;  dues payment coupon provided for the 44 Flight members who are delinquent on their 2007 Flight dues; Mike Daciek takes to the air in a Stearman and announces that sales of Daedalian blazers are going well (making him very popular among Flight members' wives) despite a slight increase in the price of blazers and crests; essay "Exit strategy--a mere phrase, not a strategy;" Final Flights Phil Tague, Bill Hendrix. 



FEB 2007

Highlights:  Tom Martin's first column since '93; Daedalian Convention contacts in Flight 11; Flight Life Memberships popular in Flight 18; "Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges;" New By-laws approved; Bob Hoover Revisited; Jack Wilhite completes ninth Rockies Fantasy Camp; Phil Tague has cancer; George McCrillis comes off dialysis; Welcome Aboard Mike "Dice" Paradise.







NOV 2006

Highlights:  Tom Martin elected Flight Captain for 2007 - all other officers stay on; Christmas party will be 15 Dec at the Tin Cup; Mock 4: Bob Mock's final letter as Flight Captain; Flight 18 now offers Life Memberships; How to become a Flight 18 LM; 461st Test Flight Squadron Reactivated for F-35; Ed Huber flies SNJ in memorial fly-by; Use your car as burglar alarm; Flight's 1976 bylaws overhauled - approval referendum underway; Huber leads Spreading Wings Colorado Barnstorming Tour; A Different Christmas Poem; Navy retires F-14 - photo of final cat shot; Welcome Aboard Ed Benson and Al Vivona.



AUG 2006

Highlights:  Flight marks 41st birthday on July 4th; August speaker endured six years as POW in Hanoi Hilton; 19-20 Aug is Buckley Military Appreciation weekend; Jack Wilhite's Jeffco bash is Wed, 6 Sept; Many still owe 2006 Flight dues--delinquency notices enclosed in this issue; Air Force IFS goes to Doss Aviation in Pueblo; Anti-terror ship made of WTC steel; Flight Life Membership proposal; Global Hawk comes home alone; Flight member sick call; How to recognize a stroke; Richthofens mixed up in murder; Bogus E-mails: are on-line petitions legitimate?; F-35 Joint Strike Fighter dubbed "Lightning II;" Welcome Aboard Mitch Neff, Bob Ritter, Chuck Wilson, Larry Wagner, Bill Zinser.



MAY 2006

Highlights:  Mitch Neff of  COANG's 140th Wing named Flight 18 Distinguished Pilot for CY 2005; Platte Valley Rally set for 19 May; George McCrillis hospitalized; Flight Life Memberships proposed for Flight 18; Flight member Bob Beabout one of three Colorado pilots named Master Pilots by FAA; Flight grants four $900 scholarships; Ed Dwight, our April guest speaker, was America's first Black astronaut trainee, now a world-famous sculptor; Bill Bower attends Doolittle Raiders' 64 anniversary reunion; line-up of all Thunderbirds' and Blue Angels' jets; guest speakers for June, July; Wilhite does not fall off ladder; Bogus e-mail; eight new or prospective members introduced; Welcome Aboard Mike O'Dair.  



FEB 2006

Highlights:  Bob Mock takes over as Flight Captain, sets goals;  2006 schedule takes shape; Mainliner Denver; The Bombing of Flight 629; Snake-bit pilot; Hanoi Taxi (last C-141) to retire; Death of Margie Moss; Chuck Girvan on the mend; Kinder shows grit, courage; British Officer Fitness Report excerpts; Jack Wilhite misses Fantasy Camp; To those who flew behind round engines; Fickle Finger re-emerges; 9/11 refresher; Welcome Aboard - Greg Anderson, George Grieger and Tony Smith.  




NOV 2005

Highlights:  Christmas party at Aurora Hills Tin Cup on 7 Dec. New officers elected for 2006; End-of-tour report from Yumper Black;  Meet new Flight Captain Bob Mock; All about Life Memberships, National and Flight dues; Dues payment coupon; Lockheed gets $3 billion to build more Raptors; Winning war story from 19 Aug meeting; Bird Flu symptoms; Progress in Iraq; Quotes of Note; Battle of Midway as reported by today's media; USS Ronald Reagan passes Arizona Memorial. FINAL FLIGHT: Carl Swartz; WELCOME ABOARD Early welcome for Greg Anderson, George Grieger and Tony Smith.


AUG 2005

Highlights:  Beer call at Richthofen Castle on 2 Sept to celebrate 60th anniversary of Japan's surrender, view surrender document; Photos, description of surrender ceremony on board USS Missouri on 2 Sept 1945; Vietnam ace Steve Ritchie to be guest speaker at 16 Sept luncheon; The Last Mission of WWII; Popular Myths; "Sumo" Dunstan is Flight 18's Distinguished Pilot for 2004; Wayne Kinder rehabbing in North Carolina; Airline, pax honor returning soldiers; FAA High Flight Supplement: "Slipping the surly bonds of earth;" FINAL FLIGHT Rod Rawlinson; WELCOME ABOARD Don Mobley, W.R. Koger.   


MAY 2005

Highlights:  Platte Valley, Jeffco previews; VE Day 1945; Action in the Pacific 60 years ago; Crash of two B-17s locked together; Military bomber crashes into Empire State Building; Colorado legislature recognizes Tuskegee Airmen; P-8 replacing P-3; Flight 18 scholarships go to three ROTC cadets; Jim Harrison's winning war story; Maps, driving directions to Platte Valley & Jeffco; Bogus e-mails; Home Depot's CEO wins MOAA award; T-Birds, Blue Angels Colorado appearances;  FINAL FLIGHTS Noel Bullock, Bill Skinner; WELCOME ABOARD Lew Moir.


FEB 2005

Highlights:   Mike Bertz is Flight Associate nominee; guest speaker BG Carl Miller joins Flight; sailor describes abandoning ship when USS Hornet sunk during Solomons Campaign; F-22 funding in jeopardy;  I Want to Be a Naval Aviator/Prospective Naval Aviator; Jack Wilhite completes 8th Fantasy Camp; Bogus E-mails; FINAL FLIGHT Jim Forbes; WELCOME ABOARD Dan Hingley.





NOV 2004  

Highlights:    2005 officer election results; preview of Christmas party at Gov's mansion; new Associates policy OK'd;  Flight 18 members Bill Bower, Morrie Quick and Jack Wilhite inducted into CAHS; Boggie splashes bogies in F-22 simulator; Tom Martin's winning war story "Snakebit Navigator;" Battle of Midway vet Jim Forbes feted in Chicago; Butch O'Hare article; Tuskegee Airmen mark anniversary; short story "Inaugural Ball;" FINAL FLIGHT Robert Akers; WELCOME ABOARD John Stewart.


AUG 2004

Highlights:    Flight 18 named Order of Daedalians best overall in 2003; Boggie flies with Benjamin Foulois; USAF/USN joint flight training; Bogus E-mails; FINAL FLIGHTS John Cannon, Byrd Ryland and Lyall De la Mater; WELCOME ABOARD Bob Beabout and Frank McCurdy.


MAY 2004

Highlights:       Flight 18 named Category C Distinguished Flight for '03; LTC Mike "Fer" Loh is first recipient of annual Distinguished Pilot Award; Platte Valley preview; three ROTC students win Flight 18 scholarships; thumbnail history of Flight 18; featured Flight member Russ Tarvin; Dave Trexler's winning war story "Bombs Away;" D-Day plus 60 years;  Bogus E-mails;  National WWII Memorial about to be dedicated; FINAL FLIGHT Charlie Cox; WELCOME ABOARD Jim Collins.


FEB 2004

Highlights:    Plans for the Distinguished Pilot Award and display case; Jack Whilhite attends seventh straight Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp in Tucson; Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated describes his F-14 ride; Descendant's Scholarship Program announcement; Bogus E-mails; F-86 and FJ-4 trace heritage to the FJ-1 Fury.





NOV 2003

Highlights:    Preview of Christmas Party at and brief history of Denver's Richthofen Castle; Mel Eisaman's winning war story, "The real secret of the flyin' saucers;" announcement of the Wright Stuff (a toast to Orville and Wilbur) at the Wings Over the Rockies; 3-year 50th Anniversary Korean War Commemoration period ends;  Distinguished Pilot Award proposed; "Look Ma, No Hands!" a short story by Bob Swanson; why airplanes are easier to live with than women; one-vote myths; National Air & Space Museum Annex opens at Dulles Airport; FINAL FLIGHTS Andy Riddle, Tom Green and Ed Potter; WELCOME ABOARD Dennis Kaan, Joe Niemeyer, Lucile Wise, TenEyck LaTourrette and Lew Radeff.


AUG 2003

Highlights:    TFW Iraq Ops Brief tops remaining schedule; Daedalian Blazers a good deal; Gospel from Flight Captain Yumper Black; conclusion of "Ticket to Stalag Luft III";  New disability compensation; Want to sponsor a prospective member? Flight Adjutant Ray Rider flies the Wright "B" Flyer replica in Dayton and meets the Wright Bros - sort of; President Bush on the ball; F-22 Raptor in flight; Welcome Aboard -Gary Jones; William Bingham; James Jenkins, Donald Sellon; Monroe Mathias.


MAY 2003

Highlights:    National Commander to attend our Platte Valley outing on Friday May 16; rest of summer schedule taking shape; Daedalian blazers now available; Yump mounts the stump; Part One of "Ticket to Stalag Luft III" a fascinating article about the experience of three members of  flight 18, Salty Saltsman, Rod Rawlinson and Bill Hendrix, who were POWs in the German prison camp where the Great Escape took place; July picnic returns to Jeffco Airport - maps and driving directions included; Byrd "Bird Dog" Ryan's winning war story - how he lost his right testical in a B-17; Four cadets earn ROTC scholarships from Flight 18; COANG celebrates its 80th anniversary; Bogus Emails; Welcome Aboard Ed Cutler, Bob Geis.   



FEB 2003

Highlights:    Yumper Black takes controls as Flight Captain, promises "Great Time;" feature article entitled "Enigmatic Man" about RAF Group Captain F.W. Winterbotham, who spied for the British in Germany leading up to WWII, stumbled on the secret of successful high-altitude photography, then supervised the distribution of Enigma information to Churchill and senior Allied military leaders throughout the war;  map to our new meeting site, Aurora Hills; welcome back Ron Smith following a three-year absence while he accompanied his wife Sheila on her recent DoD assignment to Germany; BOGUS EMAILS - Paul Harvey, Cindy Williams and getting rich in Nigeria; recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Korean War; WELCOME ABOARD Richard Gibbs, Phil Tague, Jim Harrison, Ray Russell and Terrel Johnson.



NOV 2002

Highlights:    Christmas party could be Flight's final event at Buckley's Camana Club; Honorary Daedalian Dr. Parks takes final flight; Flashback to 1942: Rickenbacker rescue involves 40-mile taxi lashed to wings of a seaplane; Flight Captain Tony Zang says farewell in final Z-Gram; Thunderbird-Blue Angel side-by-side histories; liberal vs conservative; weighty challenge; Crossword Puzzle for Simpletons; Bogus E-Mails.


AUG 2002

Highlights:  2002 Flight Sked 99% complete; Two-Flight Formation (18 & 11) hosted by Andy Parks at Wings in August; Tony Zang's Z-Gram announces that the COANG 140th Wing will host Flight 18 for a tour, air show and happy hour at their Buckley facilities - all following lunch and guest speaker from the 140th at the Camana Club; Vietnam Vets prefer fact to Internet fiction regarding Hanoi Jane; Planning for Final Flight; Constitutionality of USAF, USN Hymns; Retired KC-97 now "passing gas" as greasy spoon restaurant at the Colorado Springs Airport; Military Homilies such as "Try to look unimportant - they may be low on ammunition"; Welcome Aboard Chuck Wahl, Bill Jackson, Murle Wilson.    



MAY 2002

Highlights:  Summer Flight Sked firmed up; Platte Valley visit 17 May; Flight Captain Tony Zang reviews objectives, upcoming events; June Picnic set for Jeffco Airport + maps/driving directions; Flight awards four ROTC scholarships in 2002; Bogus emails - Oliver Norh; B-52 turns 50; Doolittle Raiders hold 2002 Reunion in Columbia, SC.; Welcome Aboard Don Neary, Gil Summers, Morton Mumma III, Harry Blout, Ted Mouche. 


FEB 2002

Highlights:   2002 Flight Schedule (partial); Flight Captain Tony Zang's first Z-Gram; DD-214 identity theft?; New roles over land for P-3 Orion ASW aircraft; Wayne Kinder up and got married; Final Flight Paul Blair; Welcome Aboard Donald Jandernoa, Thomas Johnson, Ed Payne.




Our archives begin here, as no comprehensive record of pre-2002 Flight 18 newsletters exists. Historically, Flight 18 did not produce a newsletter at all prior to Tom Martin's first term as Flight Captain in 1993. Accordingly, we consider Tom to be our Founder Editor. Tom continued to edit the newsletter until 2001, when Ger Spaulding formally took over. Roy Poole assumes the Editor's responsibilities beginning in 2016.     



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