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The traditional Objectives of the Order of Daedalians, which had guided the organization since its inception in 1934, were quietly scrapped by the 2003 National Board of Directors and replaced by a new supposedly sexier set of Objectives that became effective 1 January 2004. In 2007 Dale Boggie wrote to National questioning the rationale for and suitability of the new Objectives and kicking off a dialogue between Mile High Flight 18 and HQ which intensified this year and persists today.     


Partially addressing Flight 18's concerns--but only partially--the 2009 Board of Directors reworked the 2004 iteration of the Objectives, and the product of their endeavor was then presented to the membership in the "Commander's Perspective" column of the Fall 2009 Daedalus Flyer magazine by outgoing National Commander LtGen Brett Dula, USAF (Ret). In his column, Gen Dula credited Mile High Flight 18 with having "worked hard to craft some needed changes to our Objectives" and praised the Board for "burnishing the words and phrases which guide us as an organization." 


In our view, the 2003 Board of Directors produced a seriously flawed set of Objectives and the 2009 Board merely tinkered with the bad product they inherited rather than tossing it aside and essentially reverting to the Order's traditional guidelines as Flight 18 had urged them to do. All they did this year was to change the chrome trim on the 2004 Edsel when they should have eliminated this lemon entirely and brought back the venerable Ford, modernizing it only where necessary.          


For perspective, the Governing Documents of the Order of Daedalians are the Bylaws, Flight Manual and Flight Manual Supplement No. 1, Parts I and II. The Organization's Tenets and Objectives (T&O) comprise Article II of the Bylaws, whose currently published iteration is dated 1 January 2004 and may be viewed on the Order's official web site at this link:


Meanwhile, the Order's historical records are maintained at National Headquarters in San Antonio and are not accessible on line. Short of physically traveling to San Antonio, we must rely on back issues of the Daedalus Flyer as our only readily available source of historic information. Fortunately, Dale Boggie has an extensive collection of Flyers on hand for reference purposes.


The remainder of this discussion is organized into four areas, each addressed on its own page of this web site for easier reading. The areas are listed below. Click on the area title to link to its respective page.


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