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"The plot was intriguing. And in light of current events involving terrorism, Decree is especially compelling. The writing is crisp and the story moves quickly."

--  Writer's Digest

April 2005



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Ex-Navy flier previews deadly terrorist attack

Author offers exciting action thriller

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - G.H. Spaulding's action thriller, DECREE features a potentially devastating airborne strike launched by Arab terrorists operating covertly inside the United States.

Spaulding is an award-winning author whose real-life experience as a naval aviator, defense intelligence officer and U.S. diplomat breathes life into his characters and lends credibility to his writing. The result is an unforgettable, and eminently believable, work of fiction.

Originally self-published in 1999 and republished by Author House in 2003, DECREE delivers a chilling prophecy of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and renders a scenario that is even more plausible in the wake of security measures adopted since then. Its plot reveals how terrorists might destroy key American targets from the air without resorting to hijacking airliners. The novel also demonstrates how the survival of the most powerful nation on earth might hinge on its last bastion of defense - the ordinary American citizen.

In DECREE, Islamic terrorists resume their campaign to import terrorism to the United States. This time their target is Denver International, the crown jewel of American airports. But when forewarned of an imminent attack, airport authorities face a dilemma: should they close the airport, possibly setting a dangerous precedent by capitulating in the face of a terrorist threat, or keep it open to dissuade future threats?  Will the most sophisticated security measures at their disposal protect DIA from obliteration?

The author skillfully guides DECREE beyond other novels of its genre to illustrate how Islamic extremists twist the teachings of their religion to suit their own evil purposes. He provides a unique insight into the minds and motives of America's most fervent, and perhaps most dangerous, enemies.

Spaulding, who lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Karen, is the author of a number of highly acclaimed feature articles and C-C-Cold War Syndrome, a book of humorous nonfiction short stories about the Cold War. His second action thriller novel, TAKEOUT, was published in August, 2004.


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Here's what they're saying about Decree...

Fred "Crash" Blechman (The Flying Hobo), author of Bent Wings and Flying With the Fred Baron: "G.H. Spaulding's DECREE would make a terrific movie! Full of twists and turns, utterly unpredictable, and with thought-provoking cliff-hangers throughout, the author puts you in the minds of radical Muslims preparing a horrific suicide mission against a major U.S. target -- and it was written well before 9/11/2001! A former naval aviator is thrust into an attempt to save both his lover and thousands of innocent lives. You won't be able to put this book down until your eyeballs cage!"

Jonathon Shikes, columnist for the Denver Westword, who cautions nervous fliers against reading DECREE while at Denver International Airport:  "...the next time you're waiting on the concourse at Denver International Airport, you may want to avoid a new paperback named DECREE. Written by Colorado author G.H. Spaulding, DECREE recounts a terrorist plot to blow up DIA. Spaulding's work is fiction, of course, but he purports to have uncovered a real-life weakness in the airport's security system. 'DIA is arguably the most technologically sophisticated international airport in the world,' says Spaulding's manager, Anita E. Whelchel. 'As such, it could be a prime target for terrorists. Additionally, the design features that enable this state-of-the-art airport to operate efficiently make it vulnerable to a particular kind of terrorist attack.' To find out more specifics, though, you'll have to read the book." 

Other notables.....

William J. Clinton:  "First I read DECREE. Then I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."

Monica Lewinsky:  "The president gave me a copy of DECREE. Then he took it back. Oops, I've spit up on my dress!"

Hillary Rodham Clinton:  "I couldn't put it down, so I hit Bill over the head with it."

Hans Blix:  "I've looked everywhere, but can't find DECREE.  I believe it does not exist."

Sen. Robert Byrd:  "Why can't we find DECREE? Were we misled? I demand an investigation...and another building I can put my name on."

George W. Bush:  "We will find it."


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