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“Sumo” Dunstan is Flight 18’s

2004 Distinguished Pilot




MGen Mason C. Whitney, The Adjutant General of Colorado, and Flight Captain Yumper Black flank DPA recipient Maj Floyd “Sumo” Dunstan.






On Friday 3 June, Mile High Flight 18 presented its annual Distinguished Pilot Award to Major Floyd W. Dunstan, an F-16 pilot with the Colorado Air National Guard. Dunstan, known informally by his call sign “Sumo,” is assigned to the 120th Fighter Squadron at Buckley AFB.

   A 1987 graduate of the Air Force Academy, “Sumo” opted to enter Marine Corps pilot training as other members of his family had previously joined the Marines. Currently, he’s on a military leave of absence from United where he flies the Boeing 737.

   He distinguished himself during the squadron’s 2004 deployment to Iraq, leading his flight in amassing over 400 sorties totaling over 1300 combat hours, more than 600 of them night combat hours. The number of sorties and combat hours they completed exceeded those of all other fighter units in the theater by 30 percent.

   Maj Dunstan has been invited to join The Order of Daedalians and Flight 18 and, should he choose to do so, the Flight will pick up all costs associated with his first year’s membership.

   Congratulations, “Sumo.”



Flight 18 is Order's Distinguished Flight for 2003

Surprise announcement at 2004 Convention


Who says size matters?

Prior to the 2004 National Convention in Riverside, Mile High Flight 18 had received word of its selection as the 2003 Distinguished Flight in Category C -- that is, among flights with 101-200 members. The real surprise came at the Convention where it was announced that Flight 18 was also selected as the 2003 Distinguished Flight among all Daedalian flights worldwide, regardless of size.

Criteria considered by National’s Distinguished Flight Selection Committee are:  member recruiting; flight scholarships; flight awards (such as the DPA);  content of flight meetings; National Convention participation; Daedalus Flyer contributions; flight publications; and “special considerations.” The Committee assigns a specified number of points for each of the above criteria. This is the first time Flight 18 has received a Distinguished Flight award.

Congratulations to those who made it happen, including all of our members who contribute so generously to the Flight 18 Scholarship Program each year



LtCol Mike "Fer" Loh, 120th FS, is 2003 Distinguished Pilot 


Flight Captain Yumper Black, Mike Loh (with his DPA trophy) and Gerry Spaulding in the 120th Fighter Squadron pilot's lounge following presentation of the award on 2 May.

Click photo to enlarge.


    Presentation of the first-ever Mile High Flight 18 DISTINGUISHED PILOT AWARD took place on Sunday 2 May 2004 in the auditorium of the COANG's 120th Fighter Squadron at Buckley AFB.

    After evaluating three outstanding nominations received from LtCol Curt Hughes, 120th FS Commanding Officer, the Flight 18 officer staff selected Mike "Fer" Loh, LtCol, COANG, as the Distinguished Pilot for 2003. Read more about Mike's impressive qualifications on page 6 of your May Newsletter.

   On hand to make the presentation were Flight Captain Yumper Black and members of the officer staff Tom Martin, Dale Boggie, Ray Rider and Gerry Spaulding.

    Among the items presented to Mike were a crystal eagle trophy, a framed certificate and a Flight 18 information packet, which included a partially completed membership application. Happily, our first Distinguished Pilot has indicated his intention to join the Order of Daedalians and Mile High Flight. As part of his award package, his first year's National and Flight dues will be paid by Flight 18.

   Meanwhile, work continues on the trophy case that Flight 18 has been authorized to place in the 120th FS foyer. Inside the case will be a duplicate of the crystal eagle DPA trophy plus Daedalian artwork and a history of the Order of Daedalians. Anyone who can spare a little time to help out with the building of the trophy case is asked to call or e-mail Yumper Black.






Wearing of pilot wings on the blazer -- update.

National has provided clarification regarding which wings should be worn on the green Daedalian blazer. (New) Miniature wings are specified for all but Navy. Because of the relatively small size of Navy wings, National's Board of Directors has authorized Navy pilots to wear their full-sized wings. Wings should be worn 1/2 inch above the left breast pocket.

Name tags. The name tag specified for wear on the blazer along with the Daedalian crest and miniature (full-size for Navy) wings is one that is dark green in color, measures 3/4 by 3 inches, and is inscribed with name only, no crest.  Flight Manual Supplement 1 says this tag should be worn on the left breast pocket above the large crest.  However, the larger 2 1/4 by 3 inch name tag adopted by many flights, including Flight 18, simply does not fit within the prescribed space. Therefore, National recommends wearing the larger name tag on the right side directly across from the miniature wings.           



 Need a green Daedalian blazer?

Contact "Koat King" Mike Daciek

Cost to flight members is $99 ($107 for sizes larger than 52), shipping included -- a much better deal than the $111 ($121 for big sizes) quoted on The Order of Daedalians web site for a blazer provided by Founder Flight. The cost of the pin-on Daedalian crest, obtained from a different source, is $23. Total cost for blazer and crest is $122 ($130 for larger sizes). To place an order for blazer and/or crest, contact our blazer account manager Mike Daciek at (303) 470-0341 or by e-mail at Upon receipt of your check made out to Daedalian Mile High Flight 18, he’ll order a jacket for you. Delivery (to Mike’s front door) in about two weeks. Crests are paid for seperately. Make your check to Mike Daciek for $23 and he will order that for you as well.


NOTE: Mike assures us--from personal experience, we presume--that wearing the green Daedalian blazer will improve your sex life.


ANOTHER NOTE FROM KOAT KING: While the cost of the blazer includes shipping, it does not include the cost of return shipping should you order a blazer of the wrong size. As Mike cannot be expected to stand this expense out of his pocket, returns are the responsibility of the individual member.  Return costs are approximately $9.00, including a Restocking Fee of $3.50 and shipping charges of $5.00 to $6.00 for one blazer. 



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