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The Flight 18 Scholarship Committee and the general membership have voted unanimously to grant $1,000.00 scholarships to each of three local area ROTC cadets. Matching funds have been requested from National. The recipients are:


Mary Beth Griffin is a junior at CSU with a major in English and a minor in Military Science. Her 3.597 GPA put her on the Dean’s List in Spring ‘04. Her awards include the Military Order of World Wars Award, Bronze Boot/Freedom Scholarship Award, and the VFW Award. She scored 124 on the Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST). Her extracurricular activities include Ranger Challenge, Color Guard, Drill Team, and she is a Residence Hall Association Senator. She also participates in the Durward Hall Council, the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, and the Zine (Youth Literary) Project. Set to graduate next May, she hopes to become a career Army helo pilot.


Luke A. Outwater is a junior at CSU with a major in Math, minors in computer science and Aerospace Studies and a 3.24 GPA. He holds the Honors Ribbon with 4 oak leaf clusters for his GPA. He also has the distinctive GMC Award and the AFROTC Meritorious Service Award. His extracurricular activities include being President of the Wing Walker Honor Guard. Later this semester, he will also be awarded the Military Order of World Wars Award for the most improvement in military and scholastic excellence, and the Air Force Communications and Electronics Association Award for military leadership and achievement in academics. He was president of his ROTC class in 2002. His pilot/navigator AFOQT score was 69/80, which places him in the top ten of his class. His goal is to become a career Air Force pilot.


Lindsay Copperberg is a senior at CU  Boulder  with  a 3.2  GPA  and  a major in Aerospace Engineering. She was on the Deans List in the Fall of ‘01 & ‘04. She holds the Academic Achievement ribbon with two oak leaf clusters and the Women in Engineering Scholarship. Her extracurricular activities include the Women in Engineering Program, Intramural basketball/water polo/flag football and dodge ball. She was part of the Colorado Space Grant Consortium which designed, built, and flew a small satellite to record atmospheric conditions and took pictures. As part of the University of Colorado research team, she designed and built jet activators for an underwater submersible. She belongs to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and is a member of the Rifle/Pistol Team. She has accumulated six hours in the Cessna 172. She even has 2.5 hours of stick time in the F/A-18. Her career objectives are to use her degree for aircraft and flight systems, to become a naval aviator and eventually become a naval astronaut.



Mile High Flight 18 gave it first 2005  Daedalian Matching Scholarship on the 14th of April  at the Lory Student Center Ballroom on the Colorado State University.  The recipient was AFROTC Cadet Luke A. Outwater. L-R Lt. Col. Wm M. Greener, Flt. 18 Scholarship Chairman, Cadet Luke A. Outwater, and Colonel Dennis Kaan, Det 90 Commander.




At the annual Tri Military Awards Ceremony at Colorado University Boulder, Lindsay Copperberg and Brandon Buckspan were awarded Daedalian Scholarships. Bill Greener presented a Flight 18 scholarships to Midshipman Copperberg and a Flight 11 scholarship to Cadet Buckspan, as Falcon Flight was not represented that day.. 




At an awards ceremony at the Aurora Central High School, Cadet Graciela Rodarte was awarded the JROTC Daedalian Award.  Cadet Rodarte is a strong leader and student.  She has  served in numerous leadership positions, including Flight Commander. She is involved in other  AFJROTC activities and is a leader on the units Drill Team.  Cadet Rodarte was also recognized as the outstanding cadet in her Junior class. 






Mile High Flight 18 donated 50 percent more in scholarship funds in 2004 than in any prior year. In each of the past three years, the Flight awarded a total of $2,000 in scholarships, an amount matched by the Daedalian Foundation. This year, contributions from Flight members totaled $3,000—$1,000 each to three different ROTC cadets hoping to pursue careers in military aviation. Matching Foundation funds would bring the total received by each cadet to $2,000. Our 2004 scholarship recipients are:


Michael R. Oldenborg, a junior midshipman at CU Boulder, he hopes to become a naval aviator. An aerospace engineering major with a 3.12 GPA, Mike serves as battalion platoon chief, volunteers for community service projects and is a member of the CU Club varsity hockey team. His class ranking in the NROTC unit is 1 out of 37.



Midshipman Michael Oldenborg (center) received his Flight 18 scholarship from Scholarship Chairman Bill Greener (left) at a formal awards ceremony conducted recently at CU Boulder.  LT Chris Wlaschin, USN, from the NROTC Detachment is at right.




Mark A. Wodishek, AFROTC, is a junior at CSU with a major in history, a minor in aerospace science and a GPA of 3.10. He holds a private pilot/instrument rating, has 360 hours of flight time and leads the unit’s CAP Flight Orientation Program. A recipient of numerous academic and military performance awards, his goal is to become a career USAF pilot.



Bill Greener (left) attends a formal ceremony at CSU on 15 April 2004 to present a Flight 18 scholarship to AFROTC Cadet Mark A. Wodishek (center). Col. Dennis Kaan, Commander of CSU's AFROTC Det 90 is at right.




Brendan G. Hering, AFROTC, wants to be one of the best fighter pilots in the Air Force. He’s a junior at Metro State in Denver maintaining a 3.25 GPA as an aerospace science major with a pilot emphasis. Brendan has 283 hours of flight time, holds commercial/instrument ratings and serves as unit CAP Flight Commander.



Flight 18 also supports Junior ROTC programs in 14 different Denver Metro area high schools by awarding Daedalian medals and certificates to deserving cadets.


Left: At a formal ceremony at the All Schools Stadium in Denver, Bill Greener presents Daedalian medals and certificates to ten Army JROTC students, each from a different Metro area high school.




Right: MCJROTC Cadet 1st Lt Brian Long receives a Daedalian medal and certificate from Bill Greener at Adams City High School.


Thanks to Scholarship Chairman Bill Greener for his hard work. 



For the third consecutive year, Flight 18 has awarded $2,000 in scholarships to local ROTC students hoping to pursue careers in military aviation. This year, as in 2002, members donated $500 each to four outstanding cadets. With matching funds from the Daedalian Foundation, the total award to each cadet was $1,000. Our 2003 scholarship recipients are:

AFROTC Cadet Christina Croy is a junior at CU Boulder majoring in Engineering and Physics and carries a GPA of 3.77. Holding numerous scholastic and military honors, she interned with NASA in the Undergraduate Student Research Program, is pursuing a private pilot’s license and is active with the CAP. Her goal is to be a military pilot and an astronaut.

AFROTC Cadet Brian Carran, a junior majoring in Physical Geology at CSU, hopes to be an Air Force pilot. Active in soccer, football and baseball, he wears four Academic Achievement ribbons and is a four-time honor roll member. He’s also a student pilot, participates with the CAP and serves as Assistant Director of Training for the Arnold Air Society.

AROTC Cadet Christopher Barnecut wants to fly helicopters for the US Army. A junior at CU Boulder, he has completed basic combat and airborne training, has received the ROTC Sgt York and Superior Cadet awards, is active in athletics and carries a 3.5 GPA while majoring in anthropology.

AFROTC Cadet Jonathon Ballard, a mechanical engineering major in his junior year at the Colorado School of Mines, is a student pilot who hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a career Air Force Command Pilot. He is a past recipient of the Lessler Science and Top Math and Science Student awards, has worked as an engineering aid at the Air Force Research Lab and with a government contractor for the USAF Command and Control Battlelab.

Congratulations to all 2003 scholarship winners, who will be introduced at our September meeting. Thanks to Flight 18 members for their continuing generosity and to Scholarship Chairman Bill Greener for his hard work in heading up the program. Hats off to the other members of the Scholarship Committee—Bill Bower, Ed Huber, Mike Routsala and Dave Trexler—for their assistance in evaluating candidates nominated for these awards.

Flight 18 also supports Junior ROTC programs in 14 different Denver metro area high schools. By the end of June, Bill Greener will have presented a certificate and Daedalian medal to one deserving cadet from each JROTC unit.



For the first time, Flight 18 has awarded $500 scholarships to four local ROTC cadets. Each cadet received a total of $1,000—half of that amount from the flight, the remainder in the form of matching funds provided by the Daedalian foundation.

The 2002 scholarship recipients, who were introduced to members at our 19 April luncheon, are:

Navy Midshipman Marie C. Gregg, a senior math major at CU, is in the top five percent of her NROTC class and carries a 3.34 GPA. She has already been accepted for Navy flight training.

Air Force Cadet David W. Paland, a geography major at CU, has a private pilot’s license, is set to receive his commission in May 2003, and hopes to fly the F-15.

Air Force Cadet Brett E. Sailsbery, a senior majoring in civil engineering at CSU, graduated with honors from the AFA Parachute School. He currently commands the CU AFROTC Civil Air Patrol unit.

Army Cadet Jarrod K. Knowlden is a junior political science major at CSU. He is a member of the Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society, an honors graduate of the U.S. Army Sniper School, and expects to fly Army helicopters.

Flight 18 also supports Junior ROTC programs in 14 different Denver metro area high schools. This month, Bill Greener, our Scholarship Chairman, will be presenting a certificate and Daedalian medal to one deserving cadet from each JROTC unit.

Congratulations to all award winners, thanks to the members of Flight 18 for donating generously to the scholarship program, and Bravo Zulu to Bill Greener for making it all come together.



Members donated $2,000 to the Flight 18 scholarship fund this year, an amount matched by the Daedalian Foundation, for a total award to three deserving ROTC cadets of $4,000. This was the largest amount ever awarded as scholarships by the Mile High Flight. Last year, the flight donated $1,500, which became $3,000 with matching funds included.

Since the scholarship program was reactivated in 1995, this is the first year the total award was not split equally among three recipients. After reviewing the applications, the Scholarship Committee recommended, and the flight voted, to award the money as follows:

$2,000 to Midshipman Gabriel Szekely, NROTC, University of Colorado;

$1,000 to Cadet Thomas McCarty, AFROTC, University of Colorado; and,

$1,000 to Cadet Nicholas Holmes, AFROTC, Colorado State University.

Factors considered in determining the relative cash award amounts were academic performance, leadership, financial need and the qualification and desire to pursue an aviation career.

Meanwhile, the flight continues to support local Junior ROTC programs by awarding medals to deserving cadets, one from each JROTC detachment. Each of the 14 winners was nominated by his or her professor, and the medals will be presented at formal award ceremonies. The 14 detachments involved are: USMC JROTC, Adams City HS; USAF JROTC at Career Enrichment Park, Aurora Gateway and Aurora Central High Schools; and USA JROTC at all ten Denver high schools.

Congratulations to all award winners, to the generous membership of Flight 18, and to George Moore, who continues to do a masterful job in heading up the flight’s annual scholarship program.



Once again, Flight 18 has awarded cash scholarships to three local area ROTC cadets.  This year’s recipients were:

Air Force Cadet Jeremiah Camp, University of Colorado;

Navy Midshipman Jerrod Washburn, University of Colorado;

Air Force Cadet Michael Clapper, Colorado State University.

All are third-year students and prospective pilots, selected for their demonstrated academic and leadership performance to date as well as their expressed commitment to careers in military aviation.  We’ve invited them to attend one of our Buckley luncheons this fall and Cam Crawford, PAS at CU, is working to make that happen.

Each student received a cash award of $1,000 comprised of two $500 checks – one from Flight 18 and the other in the form of matching funds from the Daedalian Foundation.  As was the case last year, $1,500 in Foundation matching funds was the maximum amount available to each Daedalian flight.  For next year, however, the upper limit has been increased to $2,000, which means we’ll have some decisions to make – as well as the opportunity to dig a little deeper – when we begin soliciting contributions again in the next few months.

Thanks to the generosity of its membership, Flight 18 continues to remain in the top echelon of Daedalian flights participating in the scholarship program, a reflection of its dedication to one of the Order’s basic tenets – the perpetuation of our nation’s military aerospace capabilities.

And thanks again to George Moore for his relentless efforts in ramrodding both the ROTC Scholarship and the JROTC Awards programs.  You’re a pain in the ass, George.  Bravo zulu!





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