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Here are eight of the 43 short stories that make up C-C-Cold War Syndrome, or, Remember, It's Break Ground and Fly into the Wind. All of the stories are true. All deal with the human side of the Cold War. While a few are tragic in nature, most, including all of the ones listed below, are of the humorous variety.

About the title: the first part, C-C-Cold War Syndrome, is an obvious reference to the Gulf War Syndrome, that mysterious assortment of maladies that seems to have afflicted some Gulf War veterans. In the forward to the book, I describe the clinical symptoms of the Cold War Syndrome as an overpowering urge to document some of the humorous and ironic moments, some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on that helped to shape much of the Cold War. The six stories posted here are a representative cross section and convey the flavor of the book.

As to the second part of the title, Remember, It's Break Ground and Fly into the Wind, here's the derivation. When trading friendly barbs about flying with Air Force counterparts, I invariably ask them, "What's the difference between a Navy pilot and an Air Force pilot?"

The typical response is a shrug of the shoulders. Then I explain, "A Navy pilot breaks ground and flies into the wind. And that's the difference!"

About the publisher: C-C-Cold War Syndrome was published on line by 1stbooks Library, which has since changed its name to Author House. Folks interested in buying it as an e-book, as a trade paperback or in hardcover will find the best available price by visiting the publisher's web site,  (It can also be ordered from reputable bookstores or other on-line book sellers such as, but it's more expensive that way.)  Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the stories. To read any of them, just click on its title.


"Inaugural Ball"
"Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges"
"Coffee at the White House"
"Toss Up"

To read the publisher's press release for this book -- and to see a list of all 43 stories by title -- follow this link to the C-C-Cold War Syndrome page.


And here's the first of several complementary short stories that will be posted as each is ready.

"Evading Mao and his People's Liberation Army"





Welcome Aboard


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Short Stories



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The Mission That Saved Guadalcanal

"Enigmatic Man"

 "Ticket to Stalag Luft III"

DECREE Chapter 1


"Inaugural Ball"
"Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges"
"Coffee at the White House"

"Toss Up" "Waddlethromp" "Zero-g"

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