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Deadly Order for Takeout

Thrilling new novel plunges readers into shadowy world of espionage



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.Award-winning author and ex-diplomat G.H. Spaulding flavors his latest action novel, TAKEOUT (now available through AuthorHouse), with an intimate knowledge of world politics and covert intelligence to create a fast-paced thriller that provides a pure adrenaline rush.


Nicolas and Laura McCayne, still recovering from a deadly encounter with Middle Eastern terrorists, celebrate their love for each other and future together with a perfect wedding and a whirlwind honeymoon across Europe to ancient Egypt. But danger lurks in Cairo, where they stumble into a hornet’s nest of American-Chinese political intrigue.


Nick’s past assignment as U.S. Naval Attaché to Egypt and Laura’s rising career as a trial lawyer entice American Ambassador James Toane to try to capitalize on their talents. He recruits them to attend a diplomatic reception in order to gather intelligence on visiting VIP Tsun Ziyang, a man the CIA believes is scheming to become China’s next president. When Nick and Tsun meet, their ideologies -- and their wills -- clash, generating a surge of friction that intensifies after Tsun, his entourage and the McCaynes board the same ship at Luxor for a five-day Nile cruise into Upper Egypt.


When Tsun’s personal notebook falls into Laura’s lap, it seems fortune has smiled on the newlywed spies. Soon, however, Tsun discovers that his notebook is missing and employs Egyptian cutthroats to recover it. They coldly butcher a young friend of the McCaynes and later assault the couple. Laura emerges from these traumatic events as a courageous, true-grit heroine.


Ultimately betrayed by Ambassador Toane and convinced the notebook contains valuable information, Nick and Laura resolve to get it into the right hands. British soldier of fortune Michael Hastings helps them elude Chinese and Egyptian assassins in a desperate chase through the Sahara to Alexandria and a nail-biting midnight escape from Egypt by boat. Back in Washington, D.C., Nick and Laura engage in a final bloody confrontation and uncover a shocking truth that reveals how Chinese takeout can be murder.


The author's real-life experience as a naval aviator, intelligence officer and U.S. diplomat add realism and depth to TAKEOUT, an exhilarating novel loaded with suspense.


Spaulding lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Karen. His previous books include his first action-thriller, DECREE, and C-C-COLD WAR SYNDROME, a collection of nonfiction short stories about the human—and humorous—side of the Cold War. For more information, visit "About the Author" or any of the other links in the right-hand margin of this web site.


TAKEOUT (now available in Kindle format) and other books by G.H. Spaulding may be ordered from any reputable bookstore, from any on-line book seller, or directly from the publisher at


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"A very fast-paced international espionage thriller. Expertly written and plotted, with lots of authentic and convincing background. The author being an experienced diplomat who was assigned to the country in which the story is set (Egypt), this is no surprise."


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If you intend to go to sleep, do not read this book!


TAKEOUT, by G.H. Spaulding, is a follow-on to his earlier novel, DECREE, and another great thriller. I lost hours of sleep three nights in a row, but could not put this book down until my eyelids snapped shut.


Starting with a honeymoon to Egypt by way of the Continent with the main "leading lady and leading man" from DECREE, you are soon swept up in intrigue and murder in a fictional tale of Chinese and Egyptian assassins, all trying to recover a little red notebook with a secret code that could be the plan for world domination by a mysterious Chinese ego-maniac.


The CIA, the Defense Department, British Intelligence, a former naval aviator, a woman lawyer, and an assortment of diplomats and scoundrels pop up in an unpredictable series of cliff-hanger events.


Hold your breath!


Blue skies!

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Here's a snippet from TAKEOUT

Laura’s first glimpse of the Nile came when the little cab crossed the Giza Bridge. Upstream, one heavily laden barge toiled in earnest against the river’s northerly current. Three faluka boats, their weathered sails pieced together from odd remnants, tacked expertly in zigzag holding patterns clear of the barge’s path.

   Pyramids Road boasted four lanes—two on either side of a raised median. Nevertheless, a noisy profusion of trucks, busses, donkey carts and taxicabs three and four abreast, all jockeying for position, elbowed their way forward in each direction. Painted lines on the road were disregarded as were traffic lights. Like everyone else seeking a place among Cairo’s ten million competing motorists, the cab driver tooted his horn incessantly. It was a signal, not of aggression, but of survival—a statement and a plea: “I am here. Please don’t squash me like a scarab.”

   For several kilometers, the old Fiat lugged along at a slow but surprisingly steady pace. Then everything came to a stop.

   Policemen in white uniforms filled the street, some of them shouting and running around willy-nilly. Others stood in place apparently awaiting orders. Still others moved from vehicle to vehicle, conducting a cursory search.

   “What’s happening?” Laura asked, her body stiffening.

   Nick repeated her question in Arabic to the driver, who shrugged his shoulders and switched off his engine.

   In time someone in authority barked an instruction that resulted in vehicles already inspected being waved on. Traffic trickled forward.

   Suddenly a rifle barrel was thrust through Laura’s open window. The excited young soldier-policeman wielding it yelled something in Arabic at the driver, who responded angrily in kind. Nick frowned; clearly the men were speaking too fast for him to comprehend what was being said. In any case, the young man withdrew the rifle—a Soviet designed AK-47—and motioned with its barrel for the taxi to proceed.

   As it lurched ahead, the source of the pandemonium gradually became visible. A fleet of Ford pickup trucks, painted police sky blue, was parked in a rough semicircle around an abandoned tourist bus in front of a gift shop on the south side of the street. The once gleaming white-and-gold bus was now a bombed-out hulk. Most of its windows were gone; one side was ripped open and heavily scorched; thick black smoke belched outward through the shattered windows. There were seven bodies lying on the asphalt, where they had been placed—burned, bloody and uncovered—in a disorderly row near one of the pickups.

   “My God,” Laura said. “How gruesome.”

   Nick squeezed her hand. “It’s been going on for years—attacks on tourists. Part of the extremists’ campaign to bring down the government. They want tourists to stay away, hoping the Egyptian economy will go down the tubes.”

   “I can see how they might think twice about coming,” Laura said, then caught the look in Nick’s eye. She knew what he was thinking—I told you so—but wouldn’t say.

   “Their campaign’s been pretty effective,” he did say, “even though not all of their attacks are as successful as this one appears to have been. Last I heard tourism was down about sixty percent.”

   “So you see, it’s a good thing we came. Otherwise the government might have folded. You wouldn’t want us to be responsible for that, would you?”

   “We could turn this cab around and head straight back to the airport.”

   Laura cocked her head and glared at him sideways. “Never! And stop being so damned protective, will you?”      

   Nick mouthed an exaggerated but silent “Owww” and rubbed the back of his wrist as though it had been swatted with a ruler.

   Laura chuckled, knowing that in reality he’d have been shocked had she reacted any other way to the notion of turning back.

   He winked at her and smiled.

   She twisted her head and shoulders, watching through the rear window as the death scene faded from sight behind a curtain of humanity and a rusty dump truck that was rattling along behind their taxi. 






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