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The Objectives issue 



Comparison of original vs current Objectives. The six original Objectives of the Order of Daedalians, in effect from the fraternity's 1934 inception until they were inexplicably changed in 2004, appear in black text below. Each current Objective appears in blue text immediately below the original it replaced.


-- (1934) To encourage military aerospace activities to ensure that the United States of America maintains its freedom and status among nations of the world.

-- (2004) Promote Air & Space Power in support of National Defense.


-- (1934) To assist in the education of deserving persons in the fields of aerospace engineering and flight.

-- (2004) Educate Americans to the advantages of Air & Space Power.


-- (1934) To encourage young people who receive valuable aerospace training to make the military their career.

-- (2004) Promote the rewards of a career in military aviation to young Americans.


-- (1934) To encourage and stimulate the younger generations in developing those attributes that are the basis of the Tenets of the Order.

 -- (2004) Honor the legacy of our Founder Members and all who have flown in defense of our nation.


-- (1934) To encourage and support activities that will improve methods of flight and flight safety.

-- (2004) Encourage and recognize improvements in Flight Safety, Weapons Development, Combat Support and the overall effectiveness of Air & Space Power.


-- (1934) To increase the membership of the Order (to near the maximum of those eligible) so that the weight of its membership and the prestige of the Order will ensure perpetuity and augment the capabilities of the Order to affect its Objectives.

-- (2004) Recognize exceptional performance by military pilots.

    Note: The Objective of recruiting new members was eliminated in 2004.



Flight 18 officially opposes "new" Bylaws


At the 2008 National Convention in Ft Walton Beach, FL, Dale Boggie carried the water in challenging the "new" (2004) Bylaws, but his concerns were effectively barred from consideration by those attending the Convention. Therefore, prior to the 2009 National Convention in Seattle, Flight 18 submitted official correspondence to the National Commander pointing out a number of problems with the 2004 Bylaws and recommending fixes to them. Our hope was to lay the groundwork for meaningful discussion of the T&O during the Flight Captains' meeting at which Dale Boggie would once again speak for the Flight. However, no meaningful discussion took place, as the Tenets were declared a settled issue and Flight 18's recommendations regarding the Objectives were referred to the next Board of Directors meeting scheduled for 23 July 2009.


The problems with the Objectives which we identified were:


-- Generally the Objectives approved in 2004 were little more than euphemistic slogans, unlike the original Objectives which were specific and to the point;

-- The Objective of assisting the education of deserving persons (that is, providing scholarships) was eliminated;

-- The Objective of encouraging the development of those attributes that are the basis of the Order's Tenets (patriotism, integrity and character) was eliminated;

-- The Objective of recruiting new members was eliminated.     


Flight 18 recommended restoring the original Objectives with two exceptions:


(1)  Update the original membership Objective to read: "To actively recruit qualified new members to perpetuate the traditions and prestige of the Order, accomplish its stated Objectives and carry on the legacy of our Founding Members and all who have flown in defense of our nation."


(2)  Retain the 2004 Objective "Recognize exceptional performance by military pilots."


Flight 18 also recommended that the Board, although not required to do so by the current Bylaws, seek comments from the general membership via the Daedalus Flyer magazine on any further revisions to the T&O before approving them. This was done several years ago with good effect when changes to the membership criteria were under consideration. 


Latest Board action with respect to Objectives


The National Board of Directors met in July 2009 and took up Flight 18's proposals. The Board decided to retain the euphemistic Madison-Avenue-style 2004 Objectives (blue text above) with only two amendments for 2010 (blue text below), increasing the number of Objectives to seven:


(1) The second Objective was revised to read: "Assist in educating Americans to the advantages of air and space power."


(2) A portion of the membership Objective proposed by Flight 18 was adopted, to wit: "Actively recruit qualified new members to perpetuate the traditions and prestige of the Order and accomplish its stated Objectives."


Not only did the Board reject Flight 18's recommendation to restore most of the Objectives to their 1934 form, it also rejected our recommendation to seek comments from the membership before going final with its latest revisions. Go to the T&O Correspondence page (link below) to read LtGen Dula's letter advising us of the Board's decisions. In it, the National Commander suggests the likelihood, after the newest version of the Bylaws is published in Oct, of reaction from the membership in the form of letters to him, to the Board and to the Editor of the Flyer. (See Ger Spaulding's letter to the Editor of the Flyer -- the first item on the T&O Correspondence page.)  



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